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Sep 18, 2022
Aug 22, 2015
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Ascendancy was last seen:
Sep 18, 2022
    1. Safko
      Venmo is an app that allows you to exchange/send money to anyone else that has the app.

      How are you going to buy Off-White if you can't even afford Tekken? ;p;p
    2. Safko
      Is the game still relevant?
    3. Safko
      I didn't even set you up though!! Like you never asked if I was OK at the game or anything, we were just like, "yeah, let's play Tekken."
      They weren't even combos anyways, it was like me pressing X twice and then O.
    4. Safko
      How do they BOTH fall asleep, that's what I'm wondering..
    5. Safko
      listen m8, ill spot u 10 euros. whats your venmo
    6. Safko
      Okayyy, but you didn't have fun at all? Like I had fun playing Tekken, but I guess that was one sided :/
      Still love when you hit my head and it came off, probably one of the more memorable moments hahaha
    7. Safko
      Well I wanted to see some entertainment when Rich was going to play him, so I was trying to make Neo stay at all costs.
    8. Safko
      What a story, that guy is such an ass. He got away with only a light sentencing too.
    9. Safko
      What do you mean? I love playing with you. Did you forget about The Arcanist days? Those were peak if I'm being honest haha
      Besides, you're really not that bad at Tekken, honest.
    10. Safko
      Lol, I only lost to Neo because he wouldn't play me if I didn't play a random. Losing was whatever, I could KO him anytime if I play Alisa.
      I REALLY wanted him to play another round because I called my brother over and told him to play for me.
      Neo flaked though : ((
    11. Safko
      I don't really do twitter, at least not anymore.
      Yeah, the game was nuts.
    12. Safko
      Well the GFX section was dead, so no one cared. I was literally the only reason it was relatively alive, but I got so bored of it, and I had to do those weekly and all this other complicated stuff for a dead section.
    13. Safko
      Omgg, it was your idea originally to even play Tekken 6, now you won't even touch the franchise anymore >: (
      I said I'll play Bob anyways...
    14. Safko
      I know. I just fanned the fire a bit and you would go off. Was funny just watching the drama from the side knowing you were taking all the blame hahaha
      Everyone thought I was sweet too, and that you were having a bad influence on me.
    15. Safko
      Lmao, "gimp using sicarios" I love it
    16. Safko
      Everything is like 50% off on Black Friday.
      Wym, you were really good, I barely won against you most times. What else would you play though?
    17. Ascendancy
      Cult? You know damn well that was a cartel. Me and my gimp using sicarios muscled into Jack's territory.
    18. Safko
      Really? Hard to remember, he spammed me a lot in Skype.
      I would have literally come back to just make a KO post if I knew that before.
    19. Safko
      I'll take the assistant position, I usually stay in the background anyways when it comes to trolling and this kind of stuff - much harder for people to come at you when it's subtle.
      Can't be Machiavelli the Princess if it's too obvious ;p;p
    20. Safko
      Hahah, yeah that was her name. Green was getting so tilted at her. Fireclaw was pretty static as a mod though, like he didn't do much but make a new chat thread once. He was nice though, he wanted to meet up at one point with me and Renji or w/e his name is.
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