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Sep 18, 2022
Aug 22, 2015
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Sep 18, 2022
    1. Safko
      No wonder the guys at JD were blindly following you everywhere you went, they were tryna get that carry hahah
      Vayne looks pretty OP, but so do most heroes when they're played well.
      I mean T1 makes Draven look really good
    2. Safko
      I'm going back to school in two weeks.
      Lmk if you wanna get the hands in anything.
    3. Safko
      I've heard of LoL obviously, but I'm more of a console gamer. I've heard of the stories though. Like healers would get flamed by their own team for doing their job lol
      I don't game hard enough to get a desktop or whatnot.
    4. Safko
      Yeah there were floods in Venice a bit ago. I don't know the state of it currently, but you might want to doge if it's still recovering/flooding.
    5. Safko
      Hahaha of course you did. Where did you end up going?
    6. Safko
      Rome has it's own uniqueness, but I wouldn't take it over Milan and Venice. Milan is the goat if you've got connects and your fashion is on point.
      Florence is considered the center for culture or something, and Venice is just lit.
      Rome is really nice for like cultural vibes, but if you're trying to front for ig or snap or something go to Milan/Venice.
    7. Safko
      Lmaoo, that reply where he compared the girl to the ugly step sister in Shrek has me dead.
      No chill though, those guys are so mean
    8. Safko
      Hahaha I haven't even seen the movie, but some of these Bird Box memes have me laughing

      "I'm tired of seeing all of these Bird Box memes in my timeline"

      "Just put on a blindfold"
    9. Safko
      No I haven't. Are you referring to Cly and Eina? hahah
    10. Safko
      Hahaha it's not like I've been dodging talking about her. I mean I wouldn't have talked about Rich at all if we hadn't played GTA that one time.
      If you asked if I had siblings I would have told you :x
    11. Safko
      Well she's fluent in Spanish at this point, knows Italian and French, and I think she was trying to learn one more.
      I haven't kept up after we stopped talking as much.
    12. Safko
      I know, Finnish has it's own system, which is why my sister was having such a had time.
      Romance languages are so much easier because they can all relate to some extent, but Finnish? Lol hfgl
      Lmao I'll send him a coat : )
    13. Safko
      That girl's pretty, but idk about that second picture mang
      Profile angle isn't for her
      Hella thirsty dudes in the comments tho lmao, "what's the ig tho..."
    14. Safko
      Sandra Bullock is the goat. Have you seen Oceans 8? She's in it as well.
    15. Safko
      Finland? lmao that's so random.
      She knows some baby Finnish actually, but gave up on it since it was too confusing for her to learn Finnish in tandem with the Romance languages.
      Listen, I was trying to warn you, but when you leave on that ship alone lmk
    16. Safko
      That bridge at bosphorus istanbul looks amazing, I really want to visit now.
      Need a gram selfie at night when the whole city is lit
    17. Safko
      You guys seem like you travel a lot, I'm jealous haha
    18. Safko
      Is it even worth it to watch the movie to understand the memes? I feel like that's so extra.
    19. Safko
      Lmao, I love all this confidence. She'll rekt you harder than I did in Tekken.
    20. Safko
      I wouldn't say they avoid it per se, but like the big names take priority over Scandinavian countries.

      I haven't. The conflict in Turkey a few years back had me scared so I didn't really want to visit it. Idk if it's still going on either
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