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Sep 18, 2022
Aug 22, 2015
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Sep 18, 2022
    1. Safko
      What, no partying for you? Wooow, who would have thought! =p
      Trastevere is awesome though. Testaccio pales in comparison in terms of appearance, but I mentioned it because it has some nice discotecas (where the locals go usually as opposed to Americans).
    2. Safko
      Check out the Duomo in Florence (obviously), Ponte Vecchio is A1 also.
    3. Safko
      We're like, fam, don't you see, we bought four 8 euro glasses, not the bottle.
      We curved them so hard hahaha
    4. Safko
      Don't get scammed in Venice btw.
      My friends and I were at a cafe and we bought the same thing, but the guy charged us three different prices lol.
      Then there was this one time where we bought like 4 glasses of house wine for 8 euors each (instead of a 24 euro bottle), and they still tried to charge us 24 euros.
    5. Safko
      You can pretty much take a picture anywhere in Venice and it'd still be gram worthy, but check out: rialto bridge and st. marks cathedral for some peak pictures.
      There's also this one area where there are a bunch of different coloured houses, like pastel almost and it was amazing. I forget where it is though.
    6. Safko
      The Trevi Fountain is a must for the gram, Altare della Patria is also popular.
      A personal favourite of mine though is Piazza Navona, smaller piazza but it has a cute atmosphere to it (close to the Pantheon too).
    7. Safko
      When you're in Rome, go to Ex Dogana if you want a litty time.
      Shari Vari is also good, but that's like high end and it could be hard if you're a guy just trying to go in by yourself.
      ^There's a dress code for this place if you want to go.
      Testaccio and Trastevere are good partying neighborhoods also.
    8. Safko
      Drake's just trying to cop some style. Wish he was more sensitive though.

      Lmao, Cly and Eina was the biggest joke. Eina was the biggest snowflake ever, and Cly was just, I don't even know.
      I legit couldn't stop laughing when you wrote, "... Mr. ClyDeaf"
      He got sooo tilted.
      It was either that or "Mr. Deaf"
    9. Safko
      Like gang violence, or serial stabber? That's crazy that it's so prevalent a genre came out of it.

      I like the first one better over Drake's.
    10. Safko
      Oh, yeah like I understand most of the words, but not so much the slang.
    11. Safko
      HMU when you do, I'll get Mermix ready.
      Haha, no doubt you'll get it in advance and practise until you feel like you won't get styled on. ;p;p
      I heard RD2 is alright. The hype for it died down pretty fast after it was released.
    12. Safko
      Top 500 and in med school? Wow, that's insane.
      You must get free wins all the time when you play with him
    13. Safko
      Hahaha, I'm just relegated to menial labour just like that? You know that's not the Safko lifestyle.
      What would I do if I wasn't causing mayhem or styling on people ;p
    14. Safko
      The beats are hard, I mess with it. He just sounds English to me, I haven't been in the UK enough to differentiate haha
      I can understand what Fredo is saying, is he really accented or something?
    15. Safko
      Well you clearly don't want to play Tekken 7 with me, I've already tried to convince you for like a week. Do you have any other fighting games, like Soul Caliber or Mortal Kombat?
    16. Safko
      .03? That's insane if true. How is he not pro? Rich is like top 1% probably, so I guess you have him beat if you play with that guy haha
      Civ seems like a long game, I'm more into the immediate action, like fighter games or Arcanist if I'm playing a game. Don't have time to wait and see if my corn grew enough to feed my village.
    17. Safko
      We do, but everyone around me uses Venmo, so I've just started using it as well.

      I like playing with you, what's wrong with that.. :/
    18. Safko
      Alright, I'll be looking for that hmu ;p
    19. Safko
      Lmao, you're hilarious. To be fair though, I thought you were playing around, so I started taunting to try and get you to play seriously.
    20. Safko
      If you could beat Rich's squad, I would legit give you money.
      He's the raid boss my dude
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