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Sep 18, 2022
Aug 22, 2015
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Sep 18, 2022
    1. Safko
      The masks are really cool. I bought one of the doctor ones, but the nose/beak got broken in my luggage ;;(
    2. Safko
      And believe me, you had more than enough cult members as it was.
      Anymore, and the site would be renamed, "JustAscend."
    3. Safko
      Too bad smash bros isn't online, I'd be hitting Ken combos on jayb non stop.
      What did your friend main?
    4. Safko
      You're talking about the carnevale di venezia?
      Masks are literally everywhere in Venice. A plain/simple mask is about 10-15 euros, but if you want an elite one, with like gold and decorations and stuff then it's about 25 or so euros.
      There's a great place to buy masks if you go down the steps of the Rialto Bridge, although these masks are elite kind.
    5. Safko
      You can get tickets to skip the lines, but they're obviously more expensive.
    6. Safko
      That tweet is so bad, but it's got me weak hahaha
      The replies are just as good to
    7. Safko
      Should have asked me to hit him up when you had the chance!
      That's good to hear. You don't have a goon that you can call now to play me though hahaha ;p;p
    8. Safko
      He didn't play video games. I asked him, but he said he didn't have time to play them.
      Lol, is Neo still around? Looks like I'll need to discipline him again.
    9. Safko
      Mm, idk. Not sure you would last that long, or that I would die if it was 2v1 like you said hahah
    10. Safko
      Oh, well I didn't hear that part of the story haha
      That's really unfortunate then, I feel bad for his children/ex-wives
    11. Safko
      Doesn't matter. I'm just saying, if you tryna get clapped hmu ;)
    12. Safko
      16? That's so young!! I could never imagine have that much responsibility at that age.
      Glad it worked out for him.
    13. Safko
      Hahaha, you saying I can't give you the hands without my brother?
    14. Safko
      Well you're not like us.. Guys can be bachelors for so much longer.
      Pretty unfair, if you ask me =p
    15. Safko
      Sorry, I was saying that as Italy is like fashion central.
      Rome has like everything, and it's not even Milan.
      y u flexin so hard doe
    16. Safko
      Yeah, there are some really bad ones. I'd never go to that club. Like there's a lot of 5 stars, but the 1 stars all narrate really bad scenarios :/
    17. Safko
      The people you follow on twitter are wild, lol
    18. Safko
      My parents are going to be saying that to me in a few years haha
    19. Safko
      Come one now, it's Rome. They literally have all the big names.
      There's a Chanel and Sephora at the Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Steps) - obviously not the only place either, but easiest to find imo.
    20. Safko
      That club has a lot of 5 star reviews, but yeah the 1 stars say it's completely terrible and rude service.
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