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Sep 18, 2022
Aug 22, 2015
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Sep 18, 2022
    1. Safko
      "which is how we get people like liari"
      lmao hahaha I'm weak

      No, but my sister is like an even more elite version of me, you could say I'm her protege.
      You'd have to be Ragnar status for your plan to work ;p;p
    2. Safko
      Tropical isn't bad, but I need that drop
    3. Safko
      Oh, you're talking about kanyetothe? I signed up a while ago, but as you said not really my thing so I just stopped frequenting altogether.
      I was thinking of trolling you at the time, I just completely forgot to do it haha
      The've got some nice avatars that I've copped though.
    4. Safko
      Have you seen that Netflix original about that period? I think Kublai was in it at least.
    5. Safko
      Hahaha, we used to be really close, but we don't really talk that much anymore after she moved out.
      I'll let her know though ;p;p
    6. Safko
      Do you frequent any other forums (ones that are alive anyways)?
    7. Safko
      He's not bad if you're into that genre of music. The beat is a bit too tropical for my tastes.
    8. Safko
      Only two. You've met Rich through GTA, but my older sister is like a full grown adult. She's been out of the house for a while now so I don't really talk about her.
    9. Safko
      Yeah that guy's legit. Apparently genghis khan has more than like a million offspring or descendants or something though, which I think is crazy.
    10. Safko
      You should have asked, I wouldn't have had any qualms about it.
      Lmao imagine you logging into my account and just banning everyone you didn't like then be like "peace, your problem phix"
      I'm surprised you didn't ask honestly, I was expecting it. All that power, and you didn't even want to tap into it ;p;p
    11. Safko
      Um, I'm not sure. Usually my parents plan what the family does during winter break, but they haven't said anything this year so it might be a pretty laid back break I guess.
      Nothing wrong with relaxing and spending time with friends though
    12. Safko
      I like history too, but not in an academic setting. Like I hate being forced to do a projects and stuff, but learning about it is awesome.
    13. Safko
      Why me? You were practically a celebrity in AF, even the mods took note when you were on. =p
    14. Safko
      Lol, typical.
      I was running on fumes, you think I wanted to revise it?
      What are your plans for break?
    15. Safko
      I know, that's why I tagged you hahaha
      Lemme see those elite roleplay skillz you learned from AF lmao
    16. Safko
      I had to pull an all-nigher yesterday and it was complete hell. I couldn't go to sleep in the day either because I had an exam at 4pm.
      Thanks, you too!
    17. Safko
      That's lit. I agree, it would go nicely with a darker jacket or blazer or something.
    18. Safko
      Are you going to carnival at all, or just getting the mask for the gram?
    19. Safko
      I know, I thought you were talking about classic SmashBros haha
      I'm terrible at the other versions anyways.
    20. Safko
      Oh, you must be talking about Brawl or some other variation.
      I'm talking about Melee, the GameCube version.
      Done with finals, ayooo (seriously sleep deprived but hey)
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