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Tokyo Alice Live-Action Series Reveals Additional Cast, Teaser Video

Discussion in 'Movie and Television News' started by Sir-Maddy, Aug 11, 2017.

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    Amazon Prime Video in Japan revealed new cast members and a new teaser video for its live-action series adaptation of Toriko Chiya's Tokyo Alice manga on Thursday.

    The new cast members include:
    • Ryōhei Ōtani as Shinji Okuzono, Fū's romantic interest
    • Shunsuke Daitō as Akihisa Hiyama, the mysterious man whom Sayuri is in love with
    • Shunya Shiraishi as Shun Odagiri, Fū's coworker who worries about her
    • Yūta Koseki as Ken Shinonome, Rio's childhood friend
    • Yōsuke Sugino as Haruto Izumi, a nurse at the hospital where Rio works
    • Shuntarō Yanagi as Yūsuke Kashii, a cameraman whom Fū meets at work
    • Aimi Satsukawa as Tamaki Sawamura, Okuzono's ex-girlfriend
    Mizuki Yamamoto stars in the series as Fū Arisugawa. Other cast members include Reina Triendl as Mizuho Haneda, Aya Asahina as Sayuri Enjōji, and Maryjun Takahashi as Rio Sakuragawa.

    The series will premiere streaming exclusively on the service on August 25.

    Natsuki Seta (PARKS) and Takeo Kikuchi (Dear Deer) are directing the series. Singer-songwriter chay is performing the theme song "Ai wa Adventure."

    Tokyo Alice launched in Kodansha's Kiss magazine in 2006, and ended its first part in August 2015. Kodansha published the 15th compiled volume in September 2015. The manga was nominated for the Best Shōjo Manga award at the 38th annual Kodansha Manga Awards in 2014. The manga is receiving a "second season" tentatively titled Tokyo Alice 2nd season that will debut in Kiss on August 25.

    The manga revolves around Fū Arisugawa, a woman who loves nothing but shopping and slowly starts to find that she might also love her boss.

    Chiya's Clover manga received a live-action film adaptation in 2014.

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