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Stellaris: Let's Build an Empire

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Vashnik, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. Vashnik Reagent Lord Network Admin Forum Administrator

    Apr 21, 2013
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    Let's play some Stellaris. So let's start with race creation.

    Appearance: Pick from This List (Robots and Crisis species cannot be chosen)
    Name of Race: Justdubian
    Name List: (Will be based on species chosen above; This controls the default naming style of new-found planets, ships, etc for the created empire. These can later be renamed in-game once created.)
    Prefix: This is the prefix that will show up before ships. Such as the USS is United States Ship (navy), ISS is International Space Station, ISS can also be used for "Intergalactic Space Ship", JASS can also be used as Just Another Space Ship if you wish to go with the Just Anime branding.
    Traits: See This Traits List. Can only pick up to 5. You start with 2 points. Negative traits add more points, but count towards the total amount of traits. Some traits are opposites or exclusive (because it is lesser or more powerful than one you chose).
    Habitability: See This List

    Home World: JustDubs
    City Appearance: (Will be chosen based on species type to keep things easy and simple).

    Government & Ethics (aka Ethos)
    • Government (brief overview; Machine Consciousness cannot be player chosen. This government is a AI Rebellion event government)
      • Democracy (election every 10 years; re-election allowed)
      • Oligarchy (election every 40 with variance of +/- 10 years; emergency election for 250 influence)
      • Dictatorship (leader for life; new leader elected when old leader dies)
      • Imperial (leader for life; successor chosen without election and named within game)
      • Hive Mind (must have Hive Mind ethics; leader is immortal).
    • Ethics (see Ethic's link). Mind the 4 axis (explained on Ethic's Page). You cannot be militaristic and be pacifist at the same time. If Hive Mind government, you must choose Hive Mind Ethics. Fanatic versions cost 2 ethics points, non fanatics take 1 point, and Hive Mind takes all 3 points. Spiritualists have advantage with Psionic technology, including "Chosen One" for leaders and rulers, making them immortal.
    • Civics (Mind the government and ethics style. Hive Mind can only get Hive Mind civics). Pick only 2.
    Empire Name: Just Anime (Network?)
    Empire Flag: Choose primary color and secondary color. Symbol will be chosen by me. Sorry, there are no symbols that relate to anime and a custom designed symbol cannot be chosen.

    Starting Weapons:
    • Ballistic weapons grant Mass Drivers that provides higher overall DPS with limited range
    • Energy weapons provide Lasers with improved armor penetration but poorer shield performance
    • Missile weapons possess superior range but are both slow and vulnerable to point defense.
    FTL (Faster Than Light) Technology:
    • Warp is relatively slow and suffers from cooldown recovery during which ships are vulnerable. However, this is the suggested method for new players because it permits ships to travel freely to any star within warp range, which makes both initial exploration and fleet mobility an easy task.
    • Hyperdrives provide very fast travel along fixed networks that are visible to hyperdrive empires and others who have researched how to map them. However, these empires are vulnerable to being blocked by various hostile entities depending on the galaxy layout.
    • Wormholes provide constant-time travel over vast ranges, but require stations to be built and maintained -- this additional building requirement adds an additional logistics layer for relevant empires. (Expert/Experience players)
    Ship Appearance: (Will be chosen based on species type to make it easy and simple).

    Post whatever your preferences are. You do not have to include all details if you don't want, however the missing details may lead to a difference in majority for that particular area.
  2. Rebecca Fike

    Dec 22, 2018
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    Hey I am always looking for the latest series to play and this is the best to have. Are you trying to play this game in a online team? well, for that I am ready. But don't know the procedure how to get this? A game with full fo weapons and amazing players make it really enjoyable.
  3. TheAuraKnight I Love Trophies

    May 13, 2015
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    fuck yeah i have stellaris as well, im interested in an online

    would really like the new ships classes and more mod to be used tho (makes ships so much more fun)
    #3 TheAuraKnight, Jan 16, 2019 at 8:08 PM
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