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*shadow Ninja*

Discussion in 'SOS Brigade (Clubs)' started by Miss Elegent Serenity, Jan 22, 2019.

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    Apr 21, 2013
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    Serako shook her head
    "Only what I told Kitsume, that's all the info I have sadly"
    She gave a faint smile, feeling slightly dissappointed for not having more info to give. But when he mentioned their first journey together being to easy her face lit up for a moment the thought of going on a journey sounded fun. But then the realization of that happening, being slim, disappointment set in.
    "I don't foresee my brother allowing that to happen....speaking of..."
    she looked around
    "I thought I saw him walking through here earlier, I wonder where he was heading"

    Falicita listened as the two spoke, she let out a light chuckle when Ranulf got annoyed with Alkelda, one would think the two were in a relationship with how much they knew about each other and argued. She turned to face Ranulf
    "Honestly I hate doing paperwork myself, but I kinda have to for my brothers sake. I'm sure he would appreciate it if we took care of these things for him, in his absence."
    She paused a moment thinking about him dealing with Narumi
    "You may have better luck dealing with Narumi than I would. So maybe it is best you handle that situation. Just make sure when her escort arrives, she leaves with them. We cant have her hanging around here snooping into mine or my brothers affairs. My brother will have to deal with her when he returns. Whoever comes for her shouldn't need to speak to me, but if they do just escort them here to the office"
    She then turned her attention to Alkelda
    "I would greatly appreciate it, as you can see a lot has stacked up in my brothers absence.From there we can gather and speak to my soldiers and fill them in on whats going on."
    She turned back to Ranulf
    "You shouldn't have to venture outside of the city, unless you plan to see her off, and as much as I know you could handle it solo, after what happened to my brother, I don't want to take any chances. We still aren't sure if the fire in that village was sabotage or an accident. I wouldn't want to see either of you hurt while you are here helping me"
    She smiled then bowed her head
    "I really do appreciate you two helping me until my brothers return, hopefully we will be able to find him soon, so everything could go back to the way things were"
    she lifted her head and sat back in her chair, her stomach rumbled rather loudly and her cheeks flushed with embarrassment.
    "But before we tackle all these tasks, how about a bit to eat?"
    she looked down at her bloodied shirt
    "And I should probably go change"
    She looked up at the two
    "Shall we meet in the dining hall, you two can head on over and I'll go get cleaned up. After we eat we can tackle these tasks at hand "
    She smiled and slowly stood from her chair. She winced when she stood, was still a bit sore from the stitches, the one on her ribs hurt the worse as she almost pulled the stitching when she stood up to quickly earlier. She let out a nervous chuckle
    "No matter how many wounds your body takes, they still hurt like hell"
    she motioned towards the door
    "Shall we?"

    Shiro thought about what Leo said, he was hoping to relieve his sister of himself, but it seems Leo had other plans. He sighed and took Leos hand and shook it.
    "I suppose I could tag along, I was planning to give my sister some space, I figured she deserved it after putting up with me all these years. But you're right, she may easily get distracted without my presence and it may be best if the two of us travelled with other companions, less of a chance of an attack. "
    He paused a moment to think
    "Maybe if I feel she can handle things on her own, I'll separate myself from the group, to give her the space she needs. I have to let her grow up and be her own person, without me. I hope you understand"
    He then looked at the scar on Leos face, then looked around Leo at Kitsume
    "SHE did that to you?"
    He was slightly confused of the situation and why Kitsume would do that to him, he didn't see much of the fight earlier as he had no intention of mingling with others, his sister on the other hand was the one who took interest and did her own thing while he paid for a room. He wasn't a stranger to taking wounds from a woman, in fact his sister was a pretty good fighter herself, she handed Shiro his ass quite a few times during a spar. He looked at Kitsume and smiled
    "I'm impressed, maybe you could teach my sister a thing or two"
    He turned his attention back to Leo while withdrawing his hand
    "I guess we should probably tell my sister, I'm sure she would be excited to hear the news that she can now be friends with someone other than me"


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