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*shadow Ninja*

Discussion in 'SOS Brigade (Clubs)' started by Miss Elegent Serenity, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. Miss Elegent Serenity Your loveable social admin & RP president Moderator Community Relations Content Manager

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    Serako smiled sweetly at the man
    "Why thats very sweet of you...Thank you"

    Shiro on the other hand didn't seem to impressed, in fact his facial expression didn't change much, aside from maybe a hint of a brow twitch here and there. He would let his sister have her moment to chat and monitor what his sister tells the man. As Red introduced himself Serako tilted her head
    "So do your prefer being called Wulfred or Red?"
    when he pulled his sword out, Serako leaned in to study the it and seemed rather intrigued by his story. When he sheathed the sword she sat back in her seat and continued listening. When he was finished she smiled
    "It seems you have had a pretty interesting life."
    she seemed rather envious of him, he seemed to be doing rather well despite whatever happened to him 10 years ago. For her and her brother it wasn't that simple, they were the last living members of their clan
    . Shiro noticed the look on his sisters face and he was about to have them take a leave until another man approached them. Shiro raised his brow at the other man since he just kinda invited himself. 'what is it with people around here, do they not have any manners?' he thought to himself. He seemed even more annoyed now when he mentioned Red being a chatter he only responded with
    "You got that right"
    His arms remained crossed. This man completely skipped introductions and went straight to questioning Shiro was starting to become angry and before he could say anything
    Serako interrupted by responding to the questions, knowing that her brother would more than likely loose his temper.
    "We've only just arrived here this afternoon"
    she then looked at her brother and noticed he was beginning to calm slightly and she continued to speak to answer the question about the man who was burned
    "That's horrible, who would do such a thing?"
    she turned her attention to the two and shook her head
    " Is the he ok? I'm assuming he is a friend of yours considering you are concerned in finding who harmed him?"
    Serako shrugged
    "I'm sorry we don't have much info, but we don't know anything about the man you speak of, its just been me and my brother traveling by ourselves. If we would have seen anyone in distress we would at least help them"

    Shiro continued to glare at the two noticing the man was watching their faces. They didn't have anything to hide concerning the man they spoke of
    "Is there anything else you need to ask of can my sister and I eat in peace?"

    Serako punched her brother in the shoulder
    "Be nice, they are only trying to find out information, its not like they are asking personal questions "
    she sighed while shaking her head then looked up at the two
    "let me make it up to you two and buy you boys a round of drinks.... for dealing with my brother. He isn't much of a people person, but after what we have been through...."

    before she could say anything more her brother cut her off

    Serako instantly got quiet after realizing she almost told two strangers their situation
    "Sorry....He just has trust issues"
    Realizing she may have just made things rather awkward she didn't get the men time to say whether they wanted a drink or not. She quickly stood up and called the bartender over.
    "One round of whatever these two would like. I'll pay"
    she smiled at Red
    "Its the least I can do since you covered our food tab."

    When Leo left, she looked at the man
    "Mind if I recheck your wounds?"
    the man nodded and Kitsume looked over him. The only things she noticed was some old battle wounds which were scarred over, the gash on his head and burn marks on his body, but no signs of a battle.
    "Well the good news is, I don't think you were attacked in any way or that you were in the middle of a fight. Do you recall anything about a fire?"
    The man thought for a moment for some reason the word 'fire' made him think about flames and he suddenly grabbed his head and dropped down on the bed. A slight memory flashed and he remembered being surrounded by flames, he could hear a voice calling to him, but the flames were to loud to hear what she was saying, when he went to call out to her he was suddenly stuck by a beam
    Kitsume was at his side talking which brought him back to reality, the black out and her voice brought him back to reality
    "Are you ok?"
    He nodded as she handed him a glass of water
    "I was in a house, it was surrounded by flames, a females voice was calling out to me, but I couldn't make out what she was saying, then I was struck by a beam ...but that's all I can remember"
    Kitsume nodded
    "I see, it seems you may be starting to get parts of your memory back. This is actually some good news"
    She stood up and patted him gently on the back
    "I'll let Leo and Red know about this and ask around to see if anyone recognizes your emblem. Take a moment and rest and ill return in a few"
    With that she left the man and headed out of the tavern. She noticed that Leo had now joined Red with the 'girl that got away' and instead of interrupting, she started asking around starting with the bartender. Who mentioned seeing the same emblem but was never really one to question people about their clans as it could potentially cause problems in a bar when asking personal questions.
    "I only just serve my customers and give them a place to stay, I never asked about their personal lives"
    Kitsume thanked the bartender and started asking others.

    Falicitas cheeks slightly flushed seeing his proud smile and when he brought up how her brother would be pleased. She gave him a nod when he told her to have her soldiers prepare.
    "I'll be sure to do just that"

    When Ranulf mentioned the girl they escorted out she sighed. It was probably best that they knew that situation as well. When Alkelda and Theo told her that she didn't need to answer him, she held her hand up.
    "Its fine really, its probably best you know who she is"
    She took a deep breath
    "In a way she is a possible fiancee for my brother, nothing is set in stone yet but out of the options he chose her."
    She seemed a little annoyed at this point
    "She is the daughter of the Imperial clans ruler, I'm sure you are familiar with them?"
    She shook her head
    "Anyways her and I don't necessarily get along. I try not to meddle in my brothers love affairs and I promised him I would be nice to her and respect her. "
    She clenched her fists
    "But every time she is away from my brother all she does is try to instigate a fight, threaten or insult me. "
    she took a deep breath
    "She has even threatened to have me killed on many accounts. Threaten to have her father send some of his army after me in the middle of the night and kill me and pin it on some enemy clan. Thankfully her father doesn't see me as a threat to his clan in any way to put her threats into action. "
    she suddenly had a worried expression on her face
    "But after what just happened, I'm not sure how safe I am. "
    she sighed
    "I guess with my brother missing, she began questioning his whereabouts and came here without her father knowing. She began demanding to know where he was and when Theo explained the situation she kinda put two and two together and realized in Theo's absence the clan is under my command. This upset her and she began with her verbal threats and insults. She threatened to report back to her father and then mentioned I couldn't find a man to marry to save my clan"
    She closed her eyes as saying those words were somewhat true, maybe Narumi was right. It wasn't that she couldn't find a suitor, it was more that her brother refused to marry her off to some random clan for the sake of joining clans. He wanted nothing more than for his sister to choose on her own accord. She looked away from the three for a moment and looked out the window. The room was silent for a moment
    "I had enough of her threats and insults, and I may have over reacted. I yelled for her to "shut up" while lunging at her and punched her in her cheek. This started a fight between the two of us with her threatening to tell her father, and me threatening to tell her father of her sneaking out and coming here without an escort. I guess she didn't like that I had the upperhand in the fight and in threats and things escalated when she drew her weapons. I wasn't able to block her weapon and took a hit to the rib and shoulder. I was able to block her with my brothers short sword and from there anger got the best of me..."
    she turned to face Theo, her cheeks red
    "If it wasn't for Theo stopping me, who knows what could have happened. I acted out of anger and that was wrong of me, and not really a great way to act as a clan leader. I had her escorted, locked in a room and had my men send word for her father to send someone to retrieve her."
    She looked at the other two
    "Theo was in the middle of helping me by stitching me up, when you two arrived"
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    "Everybody around here just calls me Red, so feel free to use that."
    With that, Red continued his explanation.

    Red groaned and covered his face when Leo not-so-subtly started pointing fingers at Serako and Shiro--figuratively for now, but he was slightly worried that Leo might literally start pointing fingers, too.
    "Helping or hurting, man? Helping or hurting?"
    He kept his thoughts to himself, letting Serako do the talking.

    Red gave a casual shrug in reply.
    "Eh, don't worry about it. Leo was just coming on a little strong anyway, and it's not like we're actually accusing you of doing anything."
    He glanced over to Leo.
    "Because we're not. That's not a thing we're doing, completely out of nowhere, with no actual evidence."
    Then he looked back to Serako.
    "It's just been a little frustrating, trying to get information...we have no idea who this guy is or where he came from. We just found him in the middle of nowhere last night when we were dr--"
    He stopped himself, realizing that it was probably a bad idea to reveal his drinking habits to a girl he just met.
    "Dr--drrrriving out a horde of bandits! Yeah, that was a rough fight, wasn't it, Leo? But it's nothing we can't handle."
    Wanting to change the subject as quickly as possible, Red finally turned his attention to the bartender, who was visibly annoyed at being kept waiting.
    "I'll, uh...I'll take some mead."

    It was a very subtle change, one that would likely go unnoticed unless one was carefully observing him, but Theodoric seemed ever-so-slightly shaken after hearing the identity of the young woman that Falicita was fighting with.
    "Ah...she was an Imperial noblewoman, then. Well, that does make the situation more...complicated than I first realized."

    Ranulf raised a suspicious eyebrow.
    "So what? All you did was break up a fight between them, right?"

    "This is true. However, in the process, I had some...choice words for the both of them."
    "Furthermore, I...pointed my weapons at the two of them to ensure their cooperation."
    Ranulf's eyes widened slightly.

    Alkelda's eyes were slightly wider too, but she tried to remain positive.
    "Even so, my lord, I'm sure you only did what was necessary."

    "True. However, even the best course of action can have unintended consequences. Especially at a time such as this, when the White Lions will almost certainly need the cooperation of the Imperial clan to unite all of the other clans. I can only hope that this young woman is not feeling particularly vindictive today."
    Ranulf snapped his fingers.
    "Hey, maybe it doesn't matter! It's not like you just randomly mentioned which clan you're from, right?"

    Theodoric sighed.
    "If only it were so."

    There was another loud smacking noise.
    "Stop that!"

    Ranulf clutched the back of his head after Alkelda hit him again.
    "Ow! Okay, I'm sorry!"
    He rubbed his head a little before turning to Falicita.
    "Well, you'll have to tell us...is this girl the type to hold a grudge? Maybe we should, I don't know, apologize to her?"
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    While Leo was listening to Serako he was more interested in Shiro’s facial expressions and reactions. It was clear they did nothing but while he was averting his gaze he noticed the emblem of a fallen clan on their attire. His face now lit up with interest instead of pursuit. Before turning his attention back to Serako and the man, He acknowledged Red.

    “Uhh...” he thought for a moment before saying he was drunk, Realizing Red didn’t want to just suggest he is an alcoholic to new people. “Right of course! Driving out bandits. In the middle of all of that I think there were some cannibal bears that starting killing the bandits and each other, I know it sounds crazy but you’d have to be there to believe it. We promise you this really happened.” Leo feeling like he totally nailed this story, and didn’t butcher anything, sat back with a smug confidence. before leaning forward in his seat again.

    Leo opened with an apologetic tone. “I apologize for coming in so rudely, I didn’t mean to make you both apprehensive. In fact, I understand why you might be. My name is Leo, to get introductions out of the way.” He paused thinking about how to mention their clan. He decided allusion is the best idea. “You two must have travelled a long way to get to the be humble home of the White Lions, it’s nothing special, but it’s a place we love and proudly fight for. As I’m sure you would with your clan.” He paused. “Which, you never exclaimed your allegiance; Announced your names either. I only know hers is Serako from you shouting it.” He looked over at Shiro, but his gaze more or less focused on his emblem. “So I guess I’m asking what is your name, and who is your clan? We have to know if we’re harboring friends, enemies, or soon to be friends”

    Leo waited for a response but it was becoming evident he was getting antsy.
  4. Miss Elegent Serenity Your loveable social admin & RP president Moderator Community Relations Content Manager

    Apr 21, 2013
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    Serako eye widened and she suddenly seemed excited, she leaned forward
    "Oooo bandits? were they attacking the man you found?"
    she smiled when he ordered the mead and asked the bartender for one as well. She then turned her attention back to Red
    "So these bandits, how many were there? were any of them carrying a deadly weapon? did..."

    her brother scolded
    and Serako instantly got quiet, realizing she was bombarding him with a bunch of questions...
    "Uh...sorry.. I can get a bit carried away when I hear stories"
    she chuckled nervously, and cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

    "The name is Shiro"
    He didn't seem to thrilled about telling Leo his name, but he did anyways
    "As for our clan, it is of no concern to you, but I can assure you we are neither friend or foe"
    He instantly stood up and grabbed his sisters by the hand
    "It's time for us to leave Serako"

    Serako yanked her hand back from her brother
    "NO! I don't want to go yet, I'm having fun"
    She crossed her arms and turned her back towards her brother
    "You never let me have fun, why don't you go and I'll stay here"

    Shiro seemed even more frustrated
    "You know I cannot do that"

    Serako turned her nose to the air
    "I'm not a child anymore, you can stop trying to protect me all the time. I can protect myself you know"

    Shiro sighed
    "You know I cannot do that"

    Serako instantly turned around to face her brother
    "Why? because you are afraid those men will come after us again and kill us, the last two members of our clan?"

    Shiro reached across the table to shush his sister, putting his hand over her mouth
    "ENOUGH! How many times to I have to tell you to be careful of what you say are you trying to get us killed?"
    he let out a frustrated goran
    " I knew it was a mistake coming into the public like this"

    Serako pried her brothers hand from her mouth
    "Maybe if you weren't such a hard ass and let me have a little fun and TRUST me, we wouldn't be having this conversation"

    Shiro furious with his sister decided it was best to defuse the situation before she said anymore. If he remained there it would only make things worse for the two of them
    "Fine if you want to have fun, have your fun. Don't come running to me if you start any trouble, your on your own sis."
    With that he stormed off to the room he rented them for the night. A loud slam could be heard from a distance.

    Serako sighed and turned her attention towards the two, who witnessed the entire outburst. She realized they were both staring at her, she scratched her head and chuckled nervously.
    "Eh... sorry about that, my brother isn't much of a people person"
    her face suddenly went serious and she averted her eyes to the table
    "I can't really go into to much detail, but my brother and I have been through a lot. After the attack, he hasn't been very trusting of others."
    She looked up at the two
    "So I apologize for his rudeness. He may seem like a hard ass, but he is only trying to look out for me, I just wish that he would stop treating me like a child and realize that I'm grown now and can make my own choices"
    As she sighed the bartender set the mug of mead in front of her. Her eyes lite up like it was Christmas morning and she quickly picked the mug up, and held it in the air
    "Bottoms up"
    a moment later she slammed the empty mug on the table and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand
    "Wow so that's what mead taste like"
    she giggled
    "I've never had mead or anything with alcohol before"
    She leaned in setting her elbows on the table and rested her head in her hands
    "Soo this guy you found, does he carry a weapon? was he wearing specific clothing?"

    Kitsume had wandered around the entire tavern asking for info but came up empty handed. There were only 3 people that she hadn't asked. The man sitting in the back corner by himself, who was more than likely drunk, and the two Red and Leo was talking with. She figured those two would have gotten some intel by now. So she headed towards the guy in the back as she approached, the man began cat calling, making all sorts of perverted noises and making perverted comments. As she got closer
    "Hey baby, how's about you come over here and have a seat on my lap, I have a nice present for you"
    Kitsume rolled her eyes and mumbled under her breath
    "Oh yeah he is totally drunk"
    She cut right to the chase and set the emblem down on the table
    "Do you know what clan this is from?"
    The man ignored her question, stood up and made an attempt to grope her. Kitsume acted quickly before he could lay a hand on her. She kicked his legs out from under him and at the same time slammed her fist down on his head forcing him to hit the ground, face first and rather hard causing a loud thud that drew the attention of everyone in the bar. The man laid on the ground motionless, more than likely the blow knocked him out for a bit. Kitsume snatched up the emblem and walked away cracking her knuckles.
    "Drunken bastard"
    As the rest of the tavern headed over to check on the old man, Kitsume approached Leo, Red and the female. She was slightly annoyed after dealing with the drunk. She slammed the emblem down in front of Serako, and body blocked Red and Leo for a moment.
    "Excuse my interruption, but do you happen to have any idea where this emblem is from?"
    She turned and glared at the other two
    "I hope these two drunks aren't bothering you?"

    Serako shook her head
    "No they aren't bothering me at all. In fact, I have been enjoying their company and stories of the bandits they fought last night"

    Kitsume glared at the two
    "Bandits huh?"

    She picked up the emblem and studied it a moment
    "Oh yeah, I've seen this before"
    she took a moment to think on where she saw it
    "Oh I remember now....My brother and I passed through a small Village west from here, a few days ago. The sign just outside the village had that same emblem. We didn't stop in the village, only passed through."

    Kitsume let out a sigh of relief hearing the info.
    "Thank you"
    she then moved over and took the seat Serakos brother was sitting in earlier
    "Now we have a lead on where to look"

    Serako watched as Kitsume walked over and took a seat, when Serako realized who Kitsume was, her eyes lit up and she pointed at Kitsume as she spoke, it was as if she met a celebrity
    "OH....your the girl from the fight I saw earlier. You were so fast, I was really rooting for you to win"
    her eyes moved to Leo and she then realized who he was. She couldn't help but smile as she remembered the two had kissed after the battle. She was rather envious of the two
    "So are you two...."

    Falitica thought for a moment
    "Honestly, an apology probably wouldn't make much of a difference"
    She looked up at the three
    "I don't think any of you have anything to worry about really. This is on me, if there was anyone she would hold a grudge on, it would be me"
    She sighed
    "As I stated before, the two of us never really got along. So if she were to do anything, or attempt anything, it would be to me. Thankfully, from what I have seen, her father seems to ignore her tantrums. I mean she has threatened to have her father have me killed off"
    she gestured to herself
    "But here I am, alive"
    she smiled
    "I have met her father briefly before and he was rather kind to me. Apparently he told my brother that he wished his daughter was more like me"
    she chuckled a little
    "More than likely her father will send for her, have her escorted back home and probably have her locked away for sometime for sneaking out without his knowing, and for leaving without an escort. She pretty much risked her own life coming here on her own like that. "
    She shook her head at Narumi's behavior
    "He may send word to speak to my brother privately about what happened. Hopefully by then my brother will have returned and be able to make the trip there to speak to her father. More than likely he will have my brother deal with me."
    She then laughed nervously
    "I mean after all, she did pull a weapon and caused more damage than I, so I don't foresee it causing to much of an issue"
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    Red gave an approving nod and a smile.
    "Oh yeah, he totally nailed it. No doubt about it."
    Silently confident that his clever ruse was a smashing success, Red let the conversation continue.

    Red shot Kitsume an indignant and frankly insulted glance.
    "I mean, she's not exactly wrong, but does she have to just come out and say it? This girl doesn't need to know that I enjoy the occasional...multiple drinks."
    He kept quiet for now, hoping that the drunk comment would slide by unnoticed, and that she wouldn't break his cover story. Thankfully, it seemed as though Serako didn't notice and Kitsume couldn't be bothered to explain.

    Red was in the middle of taking a drink when Serako asked her question, and a muffled reply escaped Red's tankard.
    "They totally are!"
    He then set the tankard down with a content sigh and wiped his mouth, looking just a little bit smug.
    "They won't admit it, but they are. They already bicker like an old married couple, that's for sure."
    He leaned back in his chair, drink in hand, giving an exaggeratedly wistful smile.
    "Ah, to be young and in love."
    He said this knowing full well that he and Leo were the same age.
    "We should all be so lucky."
    With that, he took another swig of mead.

    For reasons known only to him, Ranulf bristled at that comment in particular. He had his fair share of unpleasant conversations where the words "Why can't you be more like..." were directed towards him.

    Theodoric sighed in relief and gave a slight "hmm" as he nodded to Falicita.
    "My apologies, but I must admit I am relieved to hear that, though I certainly do not envy your position as the sole target of her wrath. She seems, shall we say...troublesome to a degree."

    Alkelda nodded in agreement.
    "That might be putting it mildly, from what we've just heard."
    She turned to Ranulf and continued.
    "Maybe you were right when you said she had "crazy eyes" after all."

    Surprisingly, Ranulf gave a dismissive shrug.
    "Maybe, maybe not."

    Alkelda gave a curious look, prompting Ranulf to explain further.
    "Well, I'm just saying, you know...maybe we shouldn't rush to any conclusions."

    "That's...surprisingly mature of you. I don't buy it."
    Ranulf scoffed.
    "Look, I'm just saying, maybe the girl's misunderstood."

    "She pulled a weapon on Lady Falicita."
    "I know, I get that, but still--"
    "Which part of this conversation made you think she's anything but crazy?"
    "We don't know what kind of life she's had, okay? She might have some deep-rooted problems we don't know about."
    As the volume of Ranulf's voice slowly grew, so did the tension in the room.
    Until finally...
    "Ranulf...why are you sticking up for this girl all of a sudden?"

    "Because maybe she wasn't her father's favorite, either!"
    This sudden outburst was followed by a relatively brief yet seemingly endless silence, until Ranulf spoke up again.
    "I need some fresh air. Be back in a minute."
    He stood up and left the room, leaving a stunned Alkelda and a melancholic Theodoric in his wake.
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    Leo barely acknowledged the question of they were a thing due to the violent display of Shiro, “No we aren’t, I won a bet and she had to give me a kiss. Red wants us to be, he is simply projecting his feelings onto me.” Leo stood up and turned away from the table. “Red, I’m either going to be getting kicked off of a railing or this will be peaceful.” He started towards the stairs and to moved to where u saw the door slam.

    when he reached the door of Shiro he knocked on the door, it was gentle. He expected his knock to be ignored. So he just told him flat out. “Open the door and let me in, it is in your best interest, I’d rather not talk through a door.” Shiro complied begrudgingly.

    Upon entrance Shiro still had apprehension and greeted Leo with a firm “what do you want.” Leo was prepared to deal with any and all issues from the conversation. “Shiro, I am an ex soldier from a faraway land, when I first came here I did recon work. When I talked to people in my travels, I was told of the Phoenix clans attack multiple times. You wear the emblem meaning you at least have some sort of relation to them.” He paused.

    “I’m not looking for an argument, nor am I looking for your friendship. I am only talking to you to make a deal with you.” He paused and gave a much more serious time than a diffusing one. “I am a hunter, and a dog of war. I can track any prey or human that I come across if you give me a trail I can lead you to it. If you seek redemption for your clan, I will keep my eyes and ears open. If not I will walk out of here and pretend we never talked. It is up to you.” Leo had made his way back to the door, and stood in front of it, he looked at Shiro with his hand on the knob in preparation of leaving.
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    Kitsume glared over at Red at first, then sat back calmly in her chair and gave a dismissive wave, before she could speak Leo had already responded by denying his accusations. This gave her an opening to get back at Red, and with Leo denying everything, this would work perfectly in her favor. She leaned towards Serako and pretended to whisper, but spoke loudly enough for Red to hear.
    "He's always drinking, so he says a lot of things"
    She then pointed at the mug he was holding before leaning back in her chair smirking towards Red. Her eyes followed Leo, curious as to where he was headed, at the same time she waved at the bartender for a drink, it wasn't to busy so it only took a minute before she had her drink plus a second, in front of her. She held up the one towards Red and gave him a wink
    "Fire with fire"
    She turned her attention back towards Serako
    "But whats the fun in life if you cant get drunk from time to time ...right"
    She handed Serako the second drink. Kitsume could tell this girl was a light weight, she had watched from afar and seen the girl only had one drink and was already showing some signs of inebriation.
    Kitsume downed her drink then slammed the mug onto the table, all while leaning in
    "So you seem like the type to envy lovers, I mean... not many "fan girl" over two people kissing like that"
    Serako took the drink from Kitsume and drank a quarter of its content, a sudden hiccup escaped her lips.
    Kitsume smirked, she knew that she needed to get the girl to relax a bit and alcohol always seems to do the trick. She wouldn't allow her to get totally drunk, just enough to help her relax
    "Well, my brother and I travel a lot, so we never find time to settle in a place for more than a night. But I'm always seeing couples everywhere we go and I can't help but admire them."
    she sat back in her chair and sighed
    "I wish that someday I could have something like that. I'm tired of always being on the go and not getting the chance to meet other people."
    she looked up in the direction her brother went
    "My brother seems pretty content with how things are, and he always seems to avoid people"
    She looked down at the liquid in her drink and sighed
    "I guess I can't really blame him, we've been through a lot, him and I. I just don't think he can accept the fact that I am no longer a child"
    Something clicked in the back of Kitsumes mind. She suddenly downed her drink, stood up and snatched the drink out of the girls hand downing it as well.
    "Sorry kid, can't let you finish that, you may start feeling sick if you continue"
    Kitsume smiled then turned her attention to Red a moment later Kitsume punched him as hard as she could in the nose, knocking him back and onto the ground.
    "That's for the smug look you gave me earlier"
    she walked over, standing above him smirking, speaking only for him to hear
    "You'll thank me for this"
    A moment later Kitsume stormed off
    Serako jumped out of her seat and was at Reds side to help him up
    "Whats her problem"
    She glared a Kitsume who was now exiting the room. She then turned her attention to Red
    "That looks like it hurt, are you alright?"

    Kitsume headed outside to give Red and Serako some time alone, the girl was obviously lonely and Red was probably the perfect person, of the three for her to talk to. Kitsume wasn't much of a talker and Leo didn't seem like the type either. Kitsume took this time to get a little practice in. After being defeated by Leo, she knew she needed to sharpen some of her techniques. Returning to the area her and Leo fought, and began. Some bystanders stopped to watch for a few moments, her swift and light movements, at first glance it looks like some sort of dance. But it was obvious she was focused.

    Shiro in a way, looked slightly defeated, Leo would have noticed this upon entering. Shiro was standing in front of the window, his posture giving away the look of defeat. He was annoyed by his sisters mere outburst and now Leo entering, but he was also tired and wasnt looking for a fight. He didn't turn to look at Leo, but took a seat in the wooden chair keeping his gaze out the window. A moment later he sighed and placed his head in his hands
    "My sister and I are the last of our clan, we are the only two remaining survivors of the Pheonix clan.... the rest were slaughtered. "
    Shiro then looked up at Leo
    "I'm surprised you know our emblem so well, what you said is true, the clan was attacked multiple times and each time we were successful in winning "
    Shiro turned his attention towards the window again, clenching his fists
    "But we were betrayed, by one of our own, they lead a group into the village and while everyone slept, they began attacking. Slaughtering innocent women and children, men, soldiers....everyone."
    He turned to look at Leo
    "I wish I could tell you who or what clan attacked us that night, but I promised my father I would take care of Serako and get her to safety, and that was my main focus. I was more worried about getting us to safety than seeing who was attacking up"
    he gave Leo a grimace smile
    "I greatly appreciate your offer, but since we don't know who our attackers were, I cannot provide any info for you to hunt them down"
    He suddenly seemed deep in thought and just as Leo was about to exit, Shiro spoke up
    "Thank you, no one has ever offered to help us like that"

    As the two bickered back and forth, Falicita had attempted to get a word in, but only seemed to fall on deaf ears. When Ranulf got up to leave, Falicita quickly stood up, but instantly regretted it when her stitches pulled, she clutched at her side as she slowly sat back down wincing at the pain and letting out a sharp exhale, blood seeped through the bandage soaking getting more on her clothes, but thankfully stopped. It took a moment for the pain to subside
    "I think he may be misunderstood"
    she looked at the two
    "Narumi is an only child, she has no other siblings."
    she shook her head and sighed
    "What I meant by her father saying he wished she was more like me, is because he has spoiled her all her life and that is all she has ever known. She expects to get everything she wants and can't be told no."
    She sat back in the chair relieved that the pain was now bearable
    "Her father said that because she doesn't know proper discipline"
    she turned to Theo
    "I acted out of spite earlier, when Narumi pushed me to far, I only challenged her without the use of weapons. But when things weren't going her way, she pulled a weapon. Did you see that there was no discipline? despite the consequences she drew her weapon and probably would have killed me if my brothers weapon wasn't within reach. "
    she let out a disappointed sigh
    "I admit, my own actions after she stabbed me, didn't show much discipline. Which means that I still have a lot to learn and will use this situation as a lesson. Narumi on the other hand will not, she wants something, she wont let anyone stop her to get it. The only person who has the slightest authority over her, is her own father and apparently my brother"
    she gestured to the mess in the room
    "But as you can see, even he can't control his own child. She arrived here without guards, an idiotic and careless thing to do, considering her stature. Her arriving here without guards only means that her father denied her an escort, so she took matters into her own hands and came here on her own, without her father knowing."
    she shook her head
    "This isn't the first or the last time this has happened. My brother would often get angry with her for arriving here without her fathers approval. She has done it quite often, that its not hard to put two and two together. "
    she shrugged
    "I guess to put to terms, she is a spoiled wild child, its also why I don't think her father will act towards us on this"
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    Leo has thought little of Shiro’s kind gesture towards his words but none the less he smiled back at Shiro and gave him a hearty “You’re welcome.” He was taking in the information he was just given. Thinking to himself “the last 2, huh? he seemed to have accepted what happened but... He still harbors the hate from what happened.”

    Leo has forgotten that he was standing at the door to leave, he was a little deeper in thought than he anticipated, he didn’t want to be overbearing or come off too strong, but he felt obligated to help Serako and Shiro. “Look, I know you may not know much about Red, Kitsume, and I. But I want to extend an offer for you to travel with us, we pack up and leave tomorrow. Simply put, 5 people increases our odds of surviving and you and your sister will be much safer than if you were out there by yourselves.” He paused for a moment before turning the knob. He didn’t wait for an answer. But he left some parting words. “Shiro, if you decide to join us along with your sister, come back down, I’ll be at the bar, outside, or talking to red and your sister. You should also apologize for making an ass out of yourself. Take some time to think about it.”

    Leo had by this point walked out of the room, closing the door behind him, making his way back down stairs he saw Red was trying to smooth talk to Serako, so when he walked by he gave a Playful “Get ‘em tiger” to Red. Not really wanting to drink, he decided to head outside. He had only saw a glimpse of Kitsume in practicing, so he left her alone.

    Leo finally had some time to himself for the day, reaching into his pocket he pulled out his journal, he always kept a writing utensil in between the pages of it. As he was capable of doing such he started writing at first it was of his dream. But it slowly changed into events. and his personal feelings. The only important bits of his entry were.

    “A fallen clans last 2 surviving members might be joining us, Their names Serako and Shiro. I’m sure Serako is ignorant of the severity From what has happened but Shiro’s intensity for the situation is understandable, I sympathize with him. However, I’m not sure how Shiro will feel with Red sweet talking his sister.” Another note.

    “Kitsume can fight, As unorthodox as her movements may be. She is limited by her weapon choices, but here. She is fine with what she is using. Might be better than any of the swordsmen I’ve encountered. Her temperament might interfere in battle, she needs to learn to keep her emotions in check. but might I add, I might need to as well. Not from a fight but for her.”

    Leo was hopeful that Kitsume was still training by the time he wrote everything, he didn’t want any details from the journal being exposed. He closed his journal, but before looking up he waited to hear if anyone was walking towards him or around him.
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    When Leo left, Shiro paced around the room a few times thinking over what Leo had said. After a few times of pacing back and forth, he decided to check on his sister. He figured she would probably still be down below. As he went to open the door, he instantly spotted his sister with Red. Instead of bathing down there, he decided to give her a chance, instead he still with the door cracked, watching to make sure no harm would come to her. All the while thinking of Leo’s offer. Maybe it was time they began trusting people again, his sister always mentioned wanting to make friends and have a relationship. Maybe if he saw for himself how talking to others made her happy, would help him decide.

    Kitsume had decided to put on weights to help with her training, the weights would slow her down just slightly, so when she would move without them she would be even more faster. It was a common way for some ninjas to train. Not long after she began she had noticed Leo out of the corner of her eye, walking by. He didn’t seem like he was planning to stop, so she ignored him and proceeded. He probably had something that he wanted to do.
    It was some time before she felt like she had trained enough, she headed over and gathered her things and as she wiped the sweat from her brow with her sleeve, she looked around and spotted Leo not far away. He was sitting on some steps and seemed to be reading or possibly writing, it was hard to make out from the distance between them. She carried her bag over her shoulder and walked over to where Leo sat. As she got closer to the steps, she noticed he was writing, she was curious but also respectful. as she got closer her shadow began to cast over him which only hovered him for a brief moment. She then sat down next to him, she only glanced down at the book for a moment, only seeing how much he had written but not what he wrote. She then turned her attention to the horizon. Pulling a towel out of her bag she began patting her neck and face off.
    “So are you writing a story or taking notes on me?”
    She looked at him with a raised brow, he would have been able to see her from where he sat so she assumed he was taking notes on her. She leaned back against the steps, tilting her head back.
    “I assume you went and spoke to Shiro after that scene. Is everything ok?”
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    Leo was thankful that Kitsumes eyes wandered no further than needed. He put his journal away and stretched shortly there after he put his arm over Kitsume’s shoulder. It wasn’t intentionally, as when he realized he did it he pulled his arm away. “My apologies.” He collected his thoughts as he listened to her. “I write down the events throughout the days, it’s so I never forget any crucial detail. I also log my personal feelings in there, it’s something that I keep track of for sanity sake. There is just something about writing it down that is therapeutic.”

    “Shiro and I had a brief conversation. He didn’t kick me over the railings, so I suppose that is a win. However, I doubt he will take the offer I made him.” He paused. “His sister is all he has, and he has bad trust issues, understandably so. But, I told him to consider coming along with us. It would be better for him and his sister.”

    Leo was unsure about his offer, but he couldn’t just sit idly by and watch someone consumed in grief and concern continue on a terrible path. “We’ll find out come morning. If Serako and Shiro will be accompanying us.”
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    After being knocked to the floor, Red shot an angry glare to Kitsume as he wiped the blood from his nose.
    "Wha...what the fu--?!"
    When she whispered in his ear, Red's face looked a little less angry and a little more confused.
    "...The hell does that mean?"
    Just as he was whispering this under his breath, Serako was at his side giving him a look of distress and concern.

    "Oh. Ohhh. Got it."
    He gave a subtle, silent nod of understanding.

    Red took Serako's hand and got back to his feet, laughing off the blow.
    "Ahh, that was nothing. I barely even felt it."
    But even as he was saying this, blood started to drip from his nose again and he had to wipe it off. He cleared his throat and continued.
    "...I might have felt it a little bit."
    He brushed himself off and smiled at Serako.
    "Thanks for giving me a hand. Heh. It looks like we've finally got some peace and quiet now. I say we shouldn't let it go to waste."
    He motioned for the chairs and sat back down, waiting for her to do the same before speaking up again, looking somewhat solemn as he did.
    "I hate to bring the mood down, but...there's something I wanna talk to you about. You and your brother, after you're done here...are you just get back on the road and start wandering again? That seems kind of sad to be honest, and pretty lonely too."

    He stopped for a second, trying to find the right words.
    "Look, I know your brother's looking out for you...and he just wants you to be safe. But don't you think he's being a little too paranoid? The way he gives everyone around him the evil eye, how he constantly pushes others away...it's not normal. It's not right. He's taking things too far and I don't see how you can get through life never trusting anyone. Have you ever thought that there might be a better way?"
    He motioned to the White Lion banner in the tavern.
    "We know a thing or two about losing your home and starting a new life. Maybe you could talk our leader. He's a good king, and I'm sure he'd listen to your story. We used to be wanderers, you know. We made this place our new home, and maybe you could too. And, well, I had another idea if you think you might be up for it."
    He smiled again and pointed a thumb to himself.
    "The two of you could tag along with us. We don't normally stay in the same place very long either, so you could still do the "wandering exile" thing you have going on except, well, you'd have a few more people to wander with. We're about to head west, and hey, west is as good a direction to wander as any, right?
    He chuckled awkwardly, then cleared his throat again.
    "Look, I just...I've seen how happy you looked getting to talk to people, and I saw how sad you looked when your brother told you to keep everyone at arm's length. You've got a great smile, and I don't want to see you lose your smile again. If I'm way off base with this, I can drop it and we'll talk about anything else in the world, but if I'm onto something...what do you say? What do you want, Serako?"

    Theodoric gave an understanding nod.
    "I see. I believe I understand the situation well enough, thank you for clarifying. As for Ranulf...I believe he saw what he wanted to see. The boy carries a great burden, and I believe what we just saw were his repressed feelings rising to the surface, overtaking his better judgment and making him see what he wanted to see in this situation. He will be fine after he has a moment to clear his thoughts."

    Alkelda cast he gaze downwards, regret showing all over her face.
    "It was my fault...I shouldn't have pushed him as far as I did. I could tell something was bothering him, and I just...tried a little too hard to get it out of him. I didn't know."

    Theodoric sighed and shook his head.
    "Save your apologies. You could not have know, as I have never told you. The full story is deeply personal and I will not share it on his behalf. That is a tale for him to tell."
    He looked back and forth to Alkelda and Falicita.
    "However, I do not wish to leave you completely in the dark, so I will tell you this much. Much of Ranulf's more troublesome behavior, especially his overconfidence and aloof demeanor, can be traced back to some very deep-seated personal issues."
    He now looked to Alkelda in particular.
    "You tried your best not to voice it, but I could see your displeasure at having him assigned to you from the very beginning."

    "W-what? I...I mean, it wasn't like..."
    Her voice trailed off as she realized denying Theodoric's words was useless. She simply closed her eyes and nodded before continuing.
    "I tried to understand him, but...I always thought he was loud, obnoxious, rude, cocky, and impossible to deal with. I'm sorry. Maybe I could have tried harder."

    Theodoric shook his head.
    "No, I believe you did your best. An emotional outburst such as this was both inevitable and necessary. He needs to confront himself, discover himself, and accept himself for who he truly is before he can change his course onto a better path. He has grown strong as a warrior, now he needs to grow strong as a person. Have you ever wonder why I assigned him to you, Alkelda? It is because I truly believe that you can draw out his true potential. In time, I know that you will see what I have seen in him, because you are more of a leader and a mentor than you realize. Deep down, buried far beneath the surface of his arrogant and brash disposition, it is potential that I see in Ranulf most of all. Perhaps more than any warrior I have ever met, he drives himself to be better, almost to the point of obsession. His doubts dull his blade, his emotions hinder his arms, and his inner demons haunt his every footstep. But if he were able to cast off his inner turmoil, his potential would finally be unbound and he would become a warrior of peerless skill. You can help him realize this potential, of this I have no doubt."
    He then turned to Falicita.
    "And now that you know of his situation, I believe you can help him on his journey as well."

    Alkelda sat in silence for a while, stunned and trying to process everything she'd been told. Finally, she spoke up with cautious confidence.
    "Alright. I understand, my lord. I will guide him to the very best of my ability, so that both of us may live up to your expectations. I promise."


    Just outside of the Nagasaki's main keep, Ranulf was leaning against a wall, staring blankly into the sky.
    "Well, damn...I really made an ass of myself in there, didn't I?"
    As he muttered to himself, the words of his older brother came flooding back into his mind.

    "You'll be fine, Ranulf. Just keep your head up and your eyes forward, don't ever look back. Okay?"
    He gave a self-derisive laugh.
    "If only it were that easy. It seems like all I do these days is look back."
    With a deep, tired sigh, he looked to the entrance.
    "I really should get back inside. I'd better apologize, too."
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    Kitsume only chuckled when he put his arm around him, then apologized for it. Surprisingly it didn't bother her, if it was anyone else she probably would have socked them by now. She raised a brow when he mentioned logging his personal feelings, she was a bit curious as to what feelings he was storing away in his books, mainly if there was anything about her. But she wasn't one to pry, not everyone is the type to express their feelings out loud, some write them some just keep them bottled up, she herself was type to not express certain feelings. Other than letting them know she was annoyed by them as at times they irked her, she kept a lot to herself.
    "I see"
    was all she said on the matter. When he spoke of Shiro she chuckled when he mention that he didnt get kicked over the railing.
    "I guess you got lucky then"
    she looked over at him, her head still rested back.
    "Damn, that's gotta be hard on them"
    she thought back for a moment, when the guys were talking to them and Shiro had stormed off
    "I guess that explains his demeanor. I mean... I wasn't there when you were all talking, but he gave off a certain vibe when sitting there. You could feel it throughout the room. Dark..yet mysterious. His sister seems nice, I wonder how Red is doing"
    She looked up at the clouds and began chuckling
    "I guess we will find out soon enough. He is probably gonna hold me socking him in the nose, over my head for a while."
    She shrugged
    "Or maybe he will thank me. I mean after all he kept talking about being "young and in love"
    she crunched her nose at the love
    "So I may have given him a hard nudge, or in his case a bloody nose"
    She burst into laughter
    "I gotta admit the expression on his face when I punched him, it was priceless"
    She looked over at Leo
    "You should have seen it, hopefully he caught on after I left"

    Serako smiled when he thanked her
    "Of course, but why did she just punch you like that?"
    She asked as she took her seat, but before she could get an answer she noticed the expression on his face and he began asking about her brother. She sighed while sitting back in her seat, looking up in the door her brother went in.
    "More than likely"
    She then turned her attention to the empty mug in front of her, she began fiddling with the handle
    "It is lonely, I hate it. I hate that we can't make friends or talk to anyone at that"
    She agreed with Red when he mentioned her brother being overly paranoid, it has been over 10 years and he still acted like they were gonna be attacked at any moment. In fact he would often loose sleep over it. She closed her eyes tightly for a moment taking in everything he said while asking if she thought there would be a better way. She wanted there to be a better way, but she knew that it would take hell freezing over for her brother to fully trust anyone other than her. She shook her head before opening her eyes
    "I...I don't think he will"
    she sighed and continued fiddling with the mug as he spoke of how they used to be wanderers and made a place their new home. She wanted that more than ever, and she knew that's something her brother wanted deep down, but he was never one to admit it. When he offered the two to tag along Serakos eyes lit up for a moment, but the reality of that happening was slim to none and when she realized that, her expression dropped
    "I would love that very much so, its my brother that is gonna need the convincing. You saw how he shut me down for wanting to stay and talk"
    She smiled when her told her that she had a nice smile, that was the first compliment she ever got from a guy. It kinda made her feel all warm and fuzzy and her cheeks flushed. When he mentioned being off base she shook her head. Everything that he had said to her, was exactly how she had felt for a while. She was then caught off guard when he asked what she wanted. It was the first time she had been asked that. Not even her brother asked what she wanted. She was silent for a moment, her attention on the mug, what she would give to have another drink, but it would probably make her look like a drunk if she ordered another drink. She was also cursing Kitsume in her head for downing her drink.She broke the silence after a moment of thinking
    "I've never been asked that before"
    She looked up at him and smiled
    "I want to live like everyone else, I want to travel freely and not have to constantly hide who I am or have my brother scolding me all the time for trying to talk to people."
    it felt good to actually talk about what she wanted, he brother never listened, always telling her 'it cant happen' or 'you know better'
    "I want to make friends, stay in places longer than a night, I want to hang out at a bar and kick back a few drinks laughing and enjoying company, live wild and free, I want to know what its like to fall in love...."
    She trailed off as her cheeks flushed. She sighed shortly after composing herself
    "I want to be myself without having my brother constantly hovering over my shoulders, treating me as if I was still 10."
    She looked up at Red and a moment later she slammed her fist on the table
    "Fuck it"
    She was tired of keeping everything a secret and Red seemed to be someone trust worthy.
    "My brother an I the last two members of the Pheonix clan"
    her body began to relax as she continued
    "When I was 8, my brother was 15 at the time, our clan was ambushed in the middle of the night. I remember my brother startling me in my sleep, he covered my mouth and told me to not make any sound, then told me we had to leave quickly and quietly. I didn't know what all was going on but outside our home, but I could hear screams, crying, people begging for their lives. Where I slept, I could barely see out the window, my brother wouldn't let me up to look out but when my vision cleared from my grogginess, what i could see, was an orange hue and embers dancing around the air. I recall the smell of burning wood and..... flesh...."
    She shook her head and moved her hand up and down her arm, as if remembering everything disturbed her her body slightly tensed
    "My brother dragged me out of my bed and I could hear my mother and father screaming in the other room. My mother pleading to "not go in there" but before I could find out what was going on, my brother was pulling under my bed through a hatch that was hidden along the wall. The back of our house was located near a wooden area. As we crawled through mud and tall grass , trying to stay as low as possible. I remember looking back and seeing our entire village up in flames."
    Her eyes clenched tightly and she looked away from Red,
    "I remember seeing the silhouette of a man slicing one of our clan members throat. I knew right then and there why my brother woke me the way he did."
    Her body tensed for a moment and she was quiet for a moment before looking up at Red.
    "My brother said it was an inside job, someone our clan knew and trusted had to have planned it. Our clan was pretty much unbeatable, and in one night they were all slaughtered. Men, women, children, even livestock, there was nothing left. There was no other way it could have happened."
    she sighed
    "We hid the entire night in the trunk of an empty tree my brother and I used to play in. The next morning we moved further away. My brother took us to a spot further in the woods which was near the side of a cliff. We could see our village from the cliff. There we waited for several days, looking for other survivors hoping and praying to see on of our own. Our village was nothing but ash and embers. We waited for several days and nights, watching to see if anyone was around or would return to the village. But nothing, they were all gone, everyone we ever knew, our own parents, our friends....everyone...gone"
    she wiped a stray tear from her eyes missing her parents and her friends
    "After that we traveled around, keeping a low profile, not staying anyplace for more than a night. We spent most of our time living in the woods, away from people."
    she shook her head
    "But after a few years I started feeling like we were running from nothing, my brother on the other hand was pretty adamant that whomever attacked our village, would murder us if they new we were still alive"
    She laid her head in her arm on the table, her other hand was still fiddling at the cup
    "I feel like we are running from a ghost and I feel that we should be living our lives, not running from it. I mean we don't even know who we are running from. But my brother has the "we cant trust no one cause they can be our enemy" complex"
    She spoke in a deeper voice, mocking her brother. She pulled her hand from the mug and tucked it along with her other hand under her chin. Movement caught her eye and it was her brother, but instead of walking towards them, he headed outside, her eyes followed him as he exited. It looked as if he was looking for someone. She ignored him, still feeling angry at him for wanting to ruin her fun. She looked over at Red realizing she just told him their secret, she sighed
    "Please don't tell my brother I told you, but it was nice getting it off my chest after holding it in for all these years."
    she sat back in her chair and it felt like a huge burden was lifted off her shoulder, she was finally able to talk to someone and it felt nice.

    Outside Shiro was looking for Leo...

    Falicita sat quietly has he gave a vague explanation for Ranulfs behavior, she kinda felt bad for him. After all they have been through, she knew it was tough on each of them. But each person handles it differently. When Theo told Falicita that he believed she could help him on his journey she gave him a nod of agreement.
    "I'll do my best"
    she gave him a faint smile, then turned her attention towards the door.
    "How long do you think he will need? I'm sure giving him some time to think will do him some good."
    She looked up at Theo
    "I hope when its explained to him how Narumi is, it doesn't make him feel worse"

    OOT: short reply for Falicita, put all my energy on Serako lol
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    Wulfred listened closely to Serako's story, his heart sinking as the events she described became worse and worse. He felt sorry for her and it showed clearly on his face, but there was more to it than that, there was a certain level of understanding. Although his story wasn't as horrific as hers, Red knew what it was like to lose his home and become a wanderer. When Serako finished her story, he gave her a solemn nod.
    "Not to worry, my lips are sealed...but damn, you've had a rough time, haven't you?"
    He leaned back in his chair.
    "I can't say I know exactly what you're going through, but...I might have an idea. Pretty much everyone here in the White Lion clan except the youngest of the young has their own story to share. Here, let me show you something."
    With that, he stood up and raised his tankard as if he were proposing a toast. He called out to everyone in the room.
    "Hail to the fallen King Theodemir!"

    An overwhelming response came from the majority of the patrons, those who were White Lions specifically.
    "By his steel and resolve was our passage made safe!"
    "Hail to the fair lands of Eirgaror!"
    "For the homes left barren in a country abandoned!"
    "And what say we of Emperor Damascius?"
    Almost in unison, the bar patrons spat into the nearest empty mug, and barring said mug, spat onto the floor in disgust. With his point made, Red sat back down and faced Serako, a slightly melancholic smile on his face.

    "See that? We've all got our stories about how we lost our home, so...I think you, me and Shiro might not be so different after all."
    He let out a heavy sigh, his smile fading away.
    "Well, since you told your story, I think it's only fair that I told mine. That incident I mentioned ten years ago? Here's what happened. Before the White Lions were even thought of, we all lived on the continent of Eirgaror. A man named Origen Damascius became emperor...and we found out pretty fast that the man's a tyrant. I was still in my early teens, so I spent more time training than worrying about what was going on in the country, but I still caught bits and pieces of it from my parents."
    He took another drink before continuing.
    "It sounded like the guy was a real son of a bitch. There were always rumors going around about people who went "missing" or had some kind of "accident" if they challenged his power in any way. Political opponents, philosophers, lords, even your local bard. Everybody was fair game for him. He wanted to have absolute control, and he pretty much had it...but that wasn't good enough. We were always warriors, for as long as anyone can remember, but he twisted that...he changed us. He started talking about conquering other lands, making grand speeches about all the territory and treasure that we could gain if we went to war with our neighbors. That's probably just scratching the surface, but that's basically what I heard."

    His expression grew even darker.
    "It got so bad that eventually...civil war broke out. At first, things seemed to be looking up as people rallied to the leader of the rebellion, King Theodemir. But...it wouldn't last. The tides of war turned against us and we were left with just one option: Leave our homeland behind before the emperor slaughtered us all. We were told to meet up at a port city on the edge of the continent. A lot of people made it there quickly enough, but...my city was the furthest one away, so we had the hardest time getting there. Along the way, a small detachment of the emperor's army found us, and...I can still remember it so clearly."
    His face looked pained as memories came flooding back.
    "My older brother pulling me by the arm as we ran. Arrows just barely missing us as we ducked into a nearby forest. The helpless screams of the sick and the elderly who couldn't keep up. Grown men and women quietly weeping in a cave, praying to the gods that we wouldn't be found. But most of all...I remember my uncle saying his last goodbye to us, telling us to go on without him while he held off the emperor's soldiers."
    He tapped the hilt of his longsword.
    "He's the one who taught me how to fight, and he was damn good at it. Hell...I'll bet he killed at least ten of those bastards before they took him down."
    He laughed a little, then sighed.
    "But eventually, even though it seemed impossible sometimes, we made it. We came here and started a new life for ourselves. And since we managed to pull it off, I'm pretty sure you and your brother can too.
    He took another drink.
    "...Assuming he still knows how to talk to people normally, that is."

    Theodoric shrugged.
    "Perhaps, perhaps not, but either way, I believe it will be good for him to know the truth of the matter. As for when he will come back, I would say any moment now. He's a resilient one, make no mistake about that."

    As if on cue, Ranulf walked back into the room, averting his eyes somewhat as he spoke.
    "So, uh...sorry about that. I kinda made an ass out of myself, didn't I?"

    After a moment of hesitation, Alkelda spoke up.
    "No, no...there's no need for you to apologize. This was more my fault than yours, I'm the one who should be saying that. I'm sorry, everyone."

    Ranulf scratched his head and groaned.
    "Alright, this is way too uncomfortable, can we talk about something else? Anything at all, really."

    Theodoric nodded as he replied.
    "I concur, we should move on to a different subject. Specifically...I believe it is time to discuss my departure."

    Both Ranulf and
    Alkelda looked at him in surprise, but Theo continued undeterred.
    "I wish to stay longer...truly, I do."
    He looked to Falicita.
    "If only I had more time, I could teach you so much, guide you so far on the path of the ruler. I would be more than happy to teach you, as I believe you would make an excellent student. However, as I said before, there is much for me to do in my own land. Furthermore, I believe it will be better for all of us if I go."
    He looked to Alkelda.
    "Over the years, you have learned nearly as much as I have about what it means to lead the people. You will be an excellent adviser for Falicita, I am certain of it."

    Alkelda, taken aback, stammered out a reply.
    "I...but...how can you be sure that I-I'm ready for such a task? What if I don't know enough? What if I give her the wrong advice? Any number of things could go wrong!"

    Theodoric shook his head.
    "You constantly underestimate yourself, Alkelda. It is time for you to prove your quality, and not only will you succeed, you will excel. You still doubt yourself even now, and I truly wish you wouldn't, because I have no doubts at all in your capability. You must find your true potential, but you cannot even begin to search for it as you wander in the darkness of my shadow. Step into the light, then you will see clearly to find all that you were meant to be."

    As Alkelda sat in dumbfounded silence, Theodoric turned to Ranulf.
    "I have great expectations for you, as well."

    Ranulf scoffed.
    "With all due respect, your lordship...you're probably the only one."

    Again, Theodoric shook his head.
    "We both know how untrue that statement is. "He" expects you to become a great warrior, as well. He always has, and he always will."

    Ranulf looked like he was about to form a rebuttal, but ultimately found that he couldn't and merely nodded in silence. With that, Theo turned to Falicita.
    "You have trusted me thus far, and for that I am truly grateful. Will you trust me now when I say that the three of you are ready?"
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    OOT: changed up the color a bit as i realized how dark shiro and serakos texts were

    After searching for a bit Shiro found Leo along with Kitsume sitting next to each other on the steps. He approached the two and looked at Leo
    "Can we talk?"
    he looked over at Kitsume, recognizing she was the woman in the tavern who was speaking to his sister, she was also the woman who punched her Red. He looked her up and down trying to study her, he didn't understand the concept of her public display earlier when she punched Red in the nose, but he also decided not to question her at this moment. Maybe another time as he had matters he wanted to discuss with them.

    Serako was rather impressed with overwhelming response from everyone in the room. To hear they have been through some tough times and seem to have made it out in the end, gave her faith in thing looking up for her and her brother. She smiled
    "Thank you for that"
    she sat back in her chair and sighed but this sounded more like a sigh of relief
    "I just hope that my brother will come around soon"
    She was glad to talk to someone, Red seemed like the type of person she could talk to and trust. While she was deep in thought, she hadn't noticed she was staring at Red, when she realize that she had been staring, she quickly averted her eyes and cleared her throat.
    "So...um...how did you all meet?"
    curious as to how they became the group they are, she was rather envious of them.
    "I don't think I caught your female friends name...is she always like that?"
    she gestured to his nose that she had punched earlier

    Falicita was rather shocked when he mentioned he was departing, and so soon. But she understood he was a leader and had a lot of things he probably had to do. To be honest she was rather sad to see him go, but she didn't show it. Theo being around, to her was similar to having her brother around, she was able to be more relaxed, but that didn't mean she didn't have faith in the other two, she just had spent more time with Theo. She gave Theo a nod
    "I understand, you are needed elsewhere, you are a king after all. Please feel free to return anytime"
    she smiled at him. When Theo asked her to trust them when he says they are ready, she nodded in agreement. She then turned her attention towards the other two and slowly stood
    "If Theo trust in the two of you, then I have faith in the both of you as well"
    She then looked at Alkelda and smiled
    "Theo is right you know, and this is something I to am learning, being away from my brother and all. I to have followed in his shadow all my life and now that he isn't here, I am having to step out of that shadow and prove that I can be the leader my clan needs me to be in his absence. I have faith you will do amazing "
    she then turned her attention towards Ranulf and smiled at him as well, she was a bit curious as to who Theo spoke of but she decided not to question it
    "I don't really know much about the two of you, but I have a feeling we will do just fine, with you and Alkelda here, I have no reason to believe we wont live up to all our expectations, don't be so hard on yourself, instead prove the ones who doubt you, wrong"
    She was hoping it would give them both some encouragement. She then turned her attention towards Theo
    "How long shall we await your return? "
    she then remembered the situation with her brother
    "Please let us know if you get any word on my brother"

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    “Red May be a fool but he knows when when to act, granted I am no better.” he spoke quickly to kitsume before Shiro came around. “What is it Shiro? Kitsume can be present for the conversation she is a confidant to me and Red.”

    Leo anticipated what Shiro might say to him.
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    Kitsume only nodded in agreement as she noticed the man approaching them. She sat quietly allowing the two talk since Leo was the one who spoke to him prior.

    Shiro nodded in agreement when Leo mentioned Kitsume could be present for the conversation

    "After thinking it through, I have considered taking you up on that offer."
    He paused for a moment to think about his wording

    "My sister deserves a better life, she shouldn't have to continue running and after seeing her with your friend in there"
    He gestured towards the tavern where his sister and Red were talking
    "I realized that it makes her happy and she deserves that"
    he sighed and shifted his weight
    "I want to leave my sister in your groups care, I feel that I can trust you all with her to keep her safe. I want her to live as normal as possible, after all we have been through, I at least owe her that much."
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    Red noticed Serako's embarrassment, but decided not to comment on it. He just wore a sly smile for a brief moment while she looked away.
    "Oh yeah, she's into me. Awesome."
    Keeping his thoughts to himself, his face went back to normal the moment Serako looked back to him.

    Red bobbed his head for a moment, thinking it over.
    "Yeah...pretty much."
    He chuckled a little and continued.
    "Kitsume's alright, she's just got an 'unusual' way of expressing herself, I guess. But she means well, at least that's the impression I get from her. That punch in the jaw? That's her way of saying "I hope the two of you have a very pleasant conversation." It makes sense in context.
    He leaned back in his seat, his eyes drifting skyward.
    "As for how we met each other, well, we haven't actually known Kitsume all that long. She helped us take care of this guy we found who was in some kind of horrible accident. Since he doesn't remember anything, the three of us got together and decided we were gonna help him out. That's how we became a 'team,' I guess. As for me and Leo, the two of us go way back."
    He had a look of wistful nostalgia in his eyes.
    "Ahh, good times. We never did find out what happened to that guy's tiger, I feel kinda bad about that. I'm pretty sure Thomas Three-Fingers found him, though...oh! Maybe that's how he got the nickname! Yeah...good times. I never would've believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own two eyes, but damn could that fox play some piano."
    He blinked a few times and focused on Serako again.
    "...I got lost, what were we talking about?"

    Alkelda smiled and nodded respectfully.
    "You're right, we both have something to prove and I think we'll be able to overcome any challenges that come our way. We'll make it through these dark times together and be all the stronger for it."

    Ranulf gave a confident smile.
    "I'll take those words of wisdom to heart, thanks. Just tell us what you need done and we'll find a way to make it happen. White Lions are specifically trained to tackle the impossible."

    Theodoric gave a small sigh.
    "How long, indeed? If only I could answer that question with any certainty, but I will tell you now that it will be as soon as I can possibly manage it. In the meantime, once I return, I should be able to send more aid to your cause, so expect more help in the near future. As for Kaname, I promise you this."
    He looked directly into her eyes with a deeply solemn expression.
    "I will do everything in my power to find him. I will let you know when I find even the slightest trace of him, and if...no, when we discover his location, I will bring him here with all haste. I will stop for nothing. Even if I have to overturn every last stone in the land myself."
    He stood up and made his way to the door.
    "I will make some final preparations, then I will depart as soon as possible. May the gods watch over you, Falicita. Same to you, Alkelda and Ranulf. Until we meet again."

    He left with that, and Alkelda turned to Falicita for instructions.
    "Well, then...we are under your command now. What do you need from us first?"

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