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Kaa-san Ga Donna Ni Boku O Kirai Demo Autobiographical Manga Gets Live-action Film

Discussion in 'Movie and Television News' started by Teknoman X, Mar 14, 2018.

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    Jul 11, 2013
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    Taiga, Yō Yoshida star in film about author Taiji Utagawa's abusive childhood
    A live-action film adaptation of Taiji Utagawa's Kaa-san ga Donna ni Boku o Kirai Demo autobiographical manga has been green-lit for this fall. Osamu Minorikawa is directing the film.

    [​IMG]The film stars Taiga (left in picture above) as Taiji, who meets a friend and looks back on his past. Yō Yoshida (right) plays Taiji's mother Mitsuko. Other cast members include:

    • Win Morisaki as Kimitsu, Taiji's friend
    • Shunya Shiraishi as the leader
    • Mika Akizuki as Kana
    • Harutomo Koyama as Taiji (Child)
    • Yōichirō Saitō as Taiji's father
    • Hana Kino as the old woman, a central figure in Taiji's life
    In the autobiographical comic essay, Utagawa tells the story of their childhood, suffering abuse from their mother after coming out as gay.

    Enterbrain published the book in 2013, and PHP Institute reprinted it in 2015. The manga will have a revised edition this summer.

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