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Ink Wash Painter Portrays Rurouni Kenshin Fighters

Discussion in 'Just Entertainment' started by Vladnyx, Dec 18, 2016.

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    Sep 26, 2015
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    Rurouni Kenshin artist Nobuhiro Watsuki could portray fluid sword battles with only ink and pencil. Now Watsuki's characters are being painted in a more traditional ink-based format: sumi-e, or ink wash painting, which emphasizes their power, grace and elegance with a particularly Japanese aesthetic.
    Kenshin: The artist behind these works is Okazu, an Osaka-based painter who specializes in Warring States Era warriors, animals and natural scenes. His style avoids the use of shading and seeks the beauty of the contrast between black and white.​

    Shishio: Reproductions of these portraits cost 7,560 yen ($65.60) each and are painted on A3 sized washi (Japanese paper; A3 is about 34.2 cm × 46.5 cm, or 13.5 × 18 inches). Orders can be made at Aniplex+ between December 17 and January 9; deliveries are expected in late February.​

    Saitou: If you're interested in seeing Okazu's originals, they will be on display at Jump Festa 2017 in Chiba's Makuhari Messe convention hall on December 17 and 18.​
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