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Halloween AMV (please read)

Discussion in 'AMVs' started by Miss Elegent Serenity, Sep 3, 2014.

  1. Miss Elegent Serenity Your loveable social admin & RP president Moderator Community Relations Content Manager

    Apr 21, 2013
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    Ok AMV makers I have a challenge for you. I am in need of 3 maybe 4 Halloween AMV's for the month of October. So before I start searching the web for some random AMV , I decided to ask everyone here if any of you would be interested in creating a Halloween AMV and submitting it to me so that I can use it for the AMV of the week in the month of October.

    You can submit your AMV's to me via PM or on skype. Just provide detail such as song info, anime used (optional) your youtube name/ page, and link to your AMV. All entries submitted will gain likes, subscribers ect. The AMV's will be posts in the AMV section of DT home page, Facebook and in the forum for members to see. Then at the end of the month a vote will go out with all entries and you can possibly win the chance of your Video becoming the AMV of the Month.

    So show us what your made of, get creative and come up with the most Bad ... (well you know the rest )AMV for Halloween you can come up with. I will be awaiting for submissions, the first 3 I receive will be used. Their might possibly be a 4th entry and a 5th I have to discuss that with the admin first. Might see if I can put one for Hallows eve and one for Halloween day. Making it 5 all together. I have decided to post this now to give everyone a month to come up with one :)

    Edit: I have been given permission to do more then one per week. So I'll be doing one per week, one on hallows eve and one on Halloween. totaling of 6 AMV's for the month of October. We already have one submission scheduled so I need a total of 5. Hopefully I can get that many submissions :) Good Luck

    Good Luck
    ~Miss Elegent Serenity
    #1 Miss Elegent Serenity, Sep 3, 2014
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2014

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