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Free Speech Vs Vague Policies

Discussion in 'Hall of the Elders' started by Vashnik, Aug 13, 2018.

  1. Vashnik Guest

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    In the wake of a purge of Alex Jones content on popular mediums like Facebook, Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, etc, we're at a crossroads of what is considered free speech and what is against policies such as "hate speech" when it's not being defined (vague policies) in such a way that is clearly understood by those uploading content what is considered being "hate speech" and what is being considered "acceptable." We're talking about policies that don't define--even if they're obvious--what isn't allowed and then using that vague policy as the "bludgeoning tool" to enforce content moderation at the whims of staff.

    On our site, we clearly define what is hate-speech.
    But, what if we weren't clear in our policy? What if all it said was:
    Well, what is hate-speech? We don't know. We do know that it could be different from libelous language. The policy doesn't clearly state what "hate-speech" is in the second quote and if you're in the US, you know that hate speech isn't defined in any laws so visitors from the US can't look up hate-speech laws to see what the law says and then apply it to their content. This becomes a slippery slope in which it's at the discretion of a moderator, who could be biased and claim something is hate speech when it not. The content someone shares could be constructive criticism and a different moderator might see it the same way the content uploader does. The content could be a conspiracy theory, unpopular, but not considered hate-speech by some. Because hate-speech wasn't defined in the second quote, when content gets pulled down for "hate-speech," users and other staff members are left to question what hate-speech is and whether content is actually hate-speech or just unpopular opinion. This is why we have rules set up the way we do and if you have questions because it might not be as clear as we intended, ask us and we'll get confirmation for you. It's in a staff's best interests to know where the line is drawn as well as members. Without that line, there can be a bias in policy enforcement.

    Here is scenario that can happen when a "hate speech" policy is vague:
    This is what platforms like YouTube and Facebook do when they process "hate speech" reports in which staff and content uploaders are not sure what is and isn't considered "hate speech" to a company that can't be bothered to define it clearly for everyone to look, read and understand what the policy says vs someone's opinion of the content.
  2. Servo Trophy Collector

    Oct 30, 2018
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    Hmm interesting, we humans will alwyas find us opposing eachothers opinions and I think whats important is to always put ourselves in other people shoes and let them live as we live, i mean we are free to like and dislike others are as well..
    I nevr understood hate speech thing really, utter stupdity

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