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English Dub Anime Through The Ages

Discussion in 'Anime & Manga Chat' started by ChronosRecorder01, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. ChronosRecorder01 Guest

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    I want to create a timeline of all english dub anime with the dates of when they first aired (or were released as alot and almost all are straight to DVD (or streaming)) as well as a AMV of sorts with all the openings in one video, in order of release of course, with the title of the anime and the date which it aired overlayed as well for each anime.

    I was wondering if anybody on here would be willing to assist me in making the timeline, mostly just discerning all the proper dates and posting them in this thread so once it's complete I can make the image for the timeline (man that's going to be a hell of a wide image) and AMV. I would just dig stuff up off wikipedia or ANN but I've learned not all their data is accurate, some things will probably need to be dug up off streaming sites or forums, like this one.

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