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Comments on Profile Post by Supernatural-Knight

  1. BK-201
    I certainly wasn't expecting the story to go off the it did. I had an idea that the mission would fail but not in the way it actually went. Really loving the series, had no expectations when I started it.

    P.S. You any closer to getting on to discord? It is generally pretty active now.
    Jun 10, 2021
  2. Supernatural-Knight
    Considering you said it was good it had a lot to live up to. Not sure what its going to do to finish but it wouldn't be unusual for me to rate it an 8 now.

    Nope. I think I've given up on discord now. I'm not updating my laptop in case it dies. and I'm not using my iPad to send messages. Do you think I'm missing out on much?
    Jun 12, 2021
  3. BK-201
    I miss our chats and it was easier to recommend stuff. You need to get a new PC. Discord looks like it will be the only way to chat soon considering how popular it has become. Also, I don't think Spor will keep the forum going for much longer.
    Jun 13, 2021
  4. Supernatural-Knight
    Honestly I'm surprised that the forum is still up even now. With everything else that has happened with the site, I thought it wouldn't be long.
    Recommending stuff is always simple. Vivy was a hit but I still haven't gotten around to your other suggestion. I don't actually remember what it was anymore.....
    Jun 15, 2021
  5. BK-201
    I think it was Burning Kabbadi
    Jun 16, 2021
  6. Supernatural-Knight
    I'm pretty sure it was super cub. It was the slice of life series you said I had to check out.
    Although now that you mention it. How was Kabbadi?
    Jun 17, 2021
  7. BK-201
    Kabbadi is good but nothing special. Super Cub on the other hand is a must watch, it is probably my favourite of this season. It is laidback and really calming as an SoL should be but also original. Even the animation is stripped back with a subtle colour palette so as not to over shadow the story and characters. I loved it.
    Jun 17, 2021
  8. Supernatural-Knight
    Kabaddi has a score of over a 7, here I thought it would be much worse.
    Hmm I'll think about Super Cub. If my next season is emptier I might catch it up. I haven't seen anyone make a vid about it on youtube yet so does that mean it is a BK approved hidden gem?
    Jun 20, 2021
  9. Supernatural-Knight
    Meanwhile I saw that you gave Mashiro no oto an 8. It was a fun ride. Some of the performances were very entertaining to watch and I must admit that I cracked up a few times in the final ep.
    Jun 20, 2021
  10. BK-201
    When I started the series I thought it was going to be like
    Kono Oto Tomare by was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't. The music really drew me in, we have had a pretty decent season.
    Jun 20, 2021
  11. BK-201
    And yes, Super Cub gets my official BK hidden gem seal of approval!
    Jun 20, 2021
  12. Supernatural-Knight
    I had no expectations for Mashiro no Too besides it being good. The trailers did a good job drawing me in. I wish all the shows I start could be at least as good as it. Niche music anime seem to be a hit.
    Jul 8, 2021