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Jan 9, 2019
Jun 17, 2015
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Safko was last seen:
Jan 9, 2019
    1. Ascendancy
      Haha yeah AJ calls himself a country star now. I think Dave will be featuring as well. All I'm saying is if this is slaps I might just do an awkward u-turn on my stance on country.
    2. Ascendancy
      Fighting and finessing?? I don't know what you think is happening. When I pull up with that boat-boat, my queen is gon jump jump and come back with me to Kattegat.

      And you're sleeping on my boy Rollo. His grandson or whatever conquered England. The current british queen is his descendant.
    3. Ascendancy
    4. Ascendancy
      and check strength of each army on this
      "It cemented his reputation as one of the greatest tacticians and cavalry commanders in history."

      If that was me and I had 20k soldiers and I see enemy army pulling up with 200k on god safko i'm telling my army good luck and [email protected]
    5. Ascendancy
      Khalid an irl Ragnar. Him and this other general called Hannibal of Barca are personal favourites of mine. This troll Hannibal took war elephants from Africa and went around the french alps to smoke the Romans from behind lmao

      "It is regarded both as one of the greatest tactical feats in military history and as one of the worst defeats in Roman history"
    6. Ascendancy
      But about the generals though, there's this other one called Khalid ibn Waleed. Imagine this guy smoked the Roman and Persian empires, each battle he was completely outnumbered (30-40k troops vs 150-200k) and he was winning haaaaard.

      Before his battles, he'd come out to the front and challenge the best swordsman to 1v1 to the death. He's been in hundreds of battles and has never lost.
    7. Ascendancy
      Lool I never thought I'd say this but yo you gotta get back to that country, edm issa strong drug. Speaking of which though, AJ Tracey is planning on releasing some country songs

      you've heard big shaq mans not hot right, there's a reaction i want to show you
    8. Ascendancy
      Ragnar was easily the best character on that show. And are you telling me queen Lagetha is waiting for me on the other side??? Forget Rollo, I'm swimming across the atlantic like Khal Drogo in Aquaman
    9. Ascendancy
      Ragnar?? LOOOOOL mate I'm sailing down like Rollo the barbarian
    10. Ascendancy
      Loool safko you're actually an absolute edm fiend
    11. Ascendancy
      I’m pretty sure the avatar you’re using is from ktt. You wore it on AF once after you kept asking me where I’d get my avatars from. I didn’t think you’d actually sign up though lmao

      And lool how so. I don’t post, I just lurk when there’s releases or drama like the Kanye/Kim/Drake thing. I get everything else from twitter
    12. Ascendancy
      I watched a couple of episodes, it's hot trash
    13. Ascendancy
      They say vikings would take all the elite women back to scandinavia, which is why they have beautiful women today. Occasionally a dead looking one would climb on-board which is how we get people like liari

      tell your sister her mcm is on his way to restart the old viking tradition
    14. Ascendancy
      And lmao I'm a such sucker for a lil tropical beat. )': As soon as I heard shape of you that was it for me
    15. Ascendancy
      Ye I frequent two large hip hop. Mostly for new songs, music related news, etc. Your tastes are on the opposite spectrum though. That said, I think I could have you and your whole clique talking like me and listening to the same songs in a couple days.
    16. Ascendancy
      Lool Genghis was a beast. He had genius-level generals though, a personal favourite of mine was the one called Subutai. This guy took some expedition party across Europe and gave the pipe to both Hungary and Poland. Subutai was licking his lips over Rome and was looking to dick them down too but Genghis passed away. So the sons returned home with the armies to choose the next great khan.
    17. Ascendancy
      Damn you saying you got an older sister?? And she grown-grown??? I'm sailing across atlantic right now. tell her a young viking is on his way and make sure you add two purple demon face emojis on that msg
    18. Ascendancy
    19. Ascendancy
      Ahh sounds wholesome yo. How many siblings do you have anyway
    20. Ascendancy
      Yeah I get what you mean. Check this guy's titles out

      Imagine having almost half of the known world's population under your control, with an empire spanning from Greece to India. What a g
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