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Dec 8, 2018 at 8:25 PM
Jun 17, 2015
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Dec 8, 2018 at 8:25 PM
    1. Ascendancy
      And yoo listen I need your advice. I booked tix to Venice for like a week in Jan. I'm going florence/rome also and maybe try to squeeze in milan if i get the chance. what are things i need to try/do and what are some good backdrops for ig as well
    2. Ascendancy
    3. Ascendancy
      But their music is certi man, it's the beats. This one popped so much this summer, played in every club and the opening line is "samurais in batches" dead

      The guy's a genius, he done made a drill song girls can dance to lmao.
    4. Ascendancy
      Nah there's a lot of stabbings and knife related deaths in London. Trump even called out the mayor here lmao. The government is trying to ban drill - these kids are wearing masks and talking about their k/d ratio i'm done.
    5. Ascendancy
      Imagine my cousin is in the top 1% but that other guy is like statistically x10 better than him

      Lmao I purchased it, rode a horse around for 30 mins and that was it.
    6. Ascendancy
      It won't make sense to you but those shhhs by Headie are referencing killings. Worst part for the media here, is that Drake the biggest artist in the world, is promoting them

      Imagine a Clydeft remix after sotw loss

      "I could've let eina shhh on that thread to win me that shhh. But I knooow better"
    7. Ascendancy
    8. Ascendancy
      Nah Dave and Fredo both have a London accent, but Fredo's using a lot of slang.
    9. Ascendancy
      Lool nah I'll actually get Tekken 7 when I get the chance. Couple of people have asked me to play red dead 2 online, we might just have to a horse race on there sometime
    10. Ascendancy
      Not good enough. He's in the top 500 of players. He would have to break into top 100 who are all famous streamers/players. He's in med school anyway, he shouldn't have time for this

      What's wrong with that?? You'd be farming potatoes for my army like your name is Lays
    11. Ascendancy
    12. Ascendancy
      Lool nah I'm joking with you, it was fun. I only clocked they were taunts long time afterwards. I'd play Tekken with other friends afterwards to flex on their asses, you put me through the hyperbolic time chamber. I practised and learnt 10-hit combo on Kazuya.
    13. Ascendancy
      Fortnite doesn't have a ranking metric so I don't know how good they are but one of them is like in the top 0.03% in league out of all the millions who play in europe. They're mostly 20-22 so they hella toxic. A few of them play civ but I only invite 1 if someone else is bringing an unknown "friend" - can't have more than one Kim Jong-un
    14. Ascendancy
      Why do you need venmo for that though? Don't you guys have banking apps

      Lmao you're really trying to make me get Tekken 6
    15. Ascendancy
      I don't know if it's relevant, I only played with friends to be fair. I think it'd be pretty boring otherwise. But it's critically acclaimed, one of the best strategy games. If everyone jumps on next summer, I'll shout you

      What makes the game is all the people playing, their personalities and the roasting
    16. Ascendancy
      Looool nah you told me to buy Tekken 6, you even said you didn't play it much. When I saw you do those taunts in game 1, I started reading refund policy on that receipt
    17. Ascendancy
    18. Ascendancy
      What's venmo


      do me a favour please. I saw there are some off-white vendors in Boston. If I see a collab I like and I can't get here, I'll send you money to cop for me. I'll cover shipping and I'll tip you for your time too habibti
    19. Ascendancy
      There was a guy who was better than the rest of us by a large margin, no one could take him 1v1 in wars. He was hella cocky. He'd be trolling you as he takes you out. So we hit him with a Safko setup. Right at start, everyone rushed him. Even the worst players were crossing seas from the other side of the map to get their revenge lmao. They taunted him as he got ravaged lmao - he rage quit call
    20. Ascendancy
      To survive you have to play all the other people against each other and make alliances. The amount of betrayals, roasting and drama made it so elite. You have to be a complete scumbag to win. You can play any style, if you have a huge military you can be a tyrant. Capture their cities, burn them down if you want. Being friends with someone and having them backstab you when your army is stretched always happens too
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