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Dec 8, 2018 at 8:25 PM
Jun 17, 2015
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Safko was last seen:
Dec 8, 2018 at 8:25 PM
    1. Ascendancy
      There are some missing on tripadvisor, check google reviews. this the one that had me in tears

      "As a tourist, never go here unless you have professional fighting experience."
    2. Ascendancy
      Your other friends are just haters, that shirt is so wavy. I honestly didn't expect

      Lmao that shirt is like so good that your dress sense can be absolutely atrocious and you will still look elite
    3. Ascendancy
    4. Ascendancy
      You had me at long lines, I'm just going take pictures from outside and if I want to see the inside I'll watch gladiator

      Safko you're doing great work honestly, elite travel advice.
    5. Ascendancy
      I was going to say I'll drop by to take some pics for the family group chat but the only pics my mom wants to see from me rn are wedding pics dfsdfodsf lmao. I'm not ready to get married just yet
    6. Ascendancy
      On God I hope whoever owns this website pays their server bills - I'm gonna be pulling out these messages when I'm there.

      Is there a Sephora in any of the cities by the way?
    7. Ascendancy
      It's basically a set-up, you go in and get violated by local gangs. The amount of people crying in the reviews honestly loool

      We caught that scumbag promoter slipping. An hour later we're catching a ferry on the other side of the island lmaooo - let's just say I won't be going to Langkawi for awhile
    8. Ascendancy
      Lmao see this why you need to know people if you want to go around those areas. Check a club called "marrakesh" in Langkawi - one of the few on that island. Some English dude who worked as a promoter told us to roll through, said place is going to be fire. We come early to scout it out, it was so sketchy man. We checked it online and lmao the negative reviews had me in tears
    9. Ascendancy
      Lool I wanted to see this shirt he spent a rack on and man, it's soo nice - I'm in love. Your boy collected a W.
    10. Ascendancy
      ohh and is it worth going to leaning tower of pisa or shall i give it a miss
    11. Ascendancy
      As for sites to be honest I think as long as it looks like Italy it's okay - that location tag alone is gonna make it bang likes on ig.

      And ahh, we'll catch trains in that case. How long were you there for again, you're basically a pro. It's late right now so I can't really think of any good questions but I'll get back to you with some.
    12. Ascendancy
      You telling me Naples is the slums??? It seems so far out as well from everything else so I'll give it a miss thank you. Where is the best place for pizza also
    13. Ascendancy
      Loool man Safko you shouldn't have told me about that. I did a huge haul recently as well and now you're saying there's some discounted designer. This is in Rome yeah? I'm coming with a huge suitcase

      Man I told myself no more shopping for awhile and this is what you do fdsfsgdfg
    14. Ascendancy
      Like if I came to your city, I'd be expecting to be eating good. Best believe you'd be introducing me to all your cute friends. I'd leave all my friends right at the hotel though - I can't give up my connect like that.
    15. Ascendancy
      Nah normally whenever I'm in another city in the UK or abroad for a motive, there's usually someone who knows the right people and will bring talent on a night out. A good friend of ours is from Italy who lives here in the UK - the plan originally was to literally just stay in the same city for a week but he can't make it due to some other commitments
    16. Ascendancy
      Lool I re-read my messages, I'm actually the worst type of tourist, completely shameless. You're telling me about sites with rich and deep historical importance and I'm out here thinking of what to wear and what angles to take pics from.
    17. Ascendancy
      For a last pic, I don't know. I'd like one with my Juve CR7 jersey at Turin - that'd be so nice. But I'd rather visit Naples instead. How did you guys travel between cities by the way, what's the best way.

      As for those guys in Venice, I won't have that problem but lmao he tried it. But you have to give it to him for trying lool - he was probably licking his lips @ the till.
    18. Ascendancy
      I didn't consider it until you mentioned dress codes, but I'll bring 1 suit just for a pic and wear with a maroon or cream turtleneck and have a shoot at Trastevere

      my mind when I'm writing caption:

      dont do it
      dont do it
      dont do it

      me: hehe don corleone xdd
    19. Ascendancy
      I have a new canada goose expedition coat I haven't really worn but I'd like a pic in. I'll wear a white gosha tee with it and take an elite pic at one of those small bridges in venice. If that January weather is too hot for that jacket, best believe I'm opening photoshop and adding cold filters lmao.
    20. Ascendancy
      Damn Safko you really came through, you're actually the plug. Not much time so we're going to be up early so I can't do any late nights.

      That Trastevere place is honestly elite for a photoshoot. I'm just going to post 1 pic of each city with nice a fit. One is definitely @ Trast. I'll just ig story and snap other stuff
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