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New Profile Posts

  1. Miss Elegent Serenity
    Miss Elegent Serenity
    SUMMER TIME!! So much to do, soo little time
  2. Blastarolla
    The latest Darling in the Franxx has me so HYPED! Gonna be a good season finale coming i feel it!
  3. Guts
  4. jmriz
    jmriz Doomguy
    How you doin', man???!!! Haven't talked in a while
    1. Doomguy
      All's well here!
      I've regressed back to lurking. There's a lot I have to catch up with, from books to anime.
      Jun 5, 2018
  5. SkeLo
    SkeLo Shellbell
    Hey you.. hope you had a great day yesterday... did you get up to much with your fam/ friends?
    1. Shellbell
      Sorry for the late response~!
      Haha, I ended up sleeping all dad but it worked out my dad worked so I woke up and he was already home~!
      I don’t really like going out so staying home watching anime is a lot more enjoyable~!
      Jun 4, 2018
      SkeLo likes this.
  6. jmriz
    jmriz Noobs
    Pipirupirupirupipirupi to you too!! How you doin'?!
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    2. jmriz
      I communicate with clicking noises inaudible to the human ear
      May 31, 2018
    3. Noobs
      welp.. im about to go to bed now for work tomorrow (well later for my time lol) and its nice to see you visit the forums again. night night
      May 31, 2018
    4. jmriz
      Goodnight, my friend!!!
      May 31, 2018
  7. jmriz
    Hi Guys!!!
  8. Walshy
    Walshy Safko
    yeah im here lol
  9. Dylanar
    Dylanar Laximus
    Happy Birthday, may your day be a good one, Lax.
    1. Laximus
      Thank you! :)
      May 30, 2018
      Dylanar likes this.
  10. OtakuSenseiHig
    OtakuSenseiHig Laximus
    prob wont remember to check later so, happy birthday
    1. Laximus
      Thank you! :)
      May 27, 2018
  11. Safko
    Safko Shellbell
    Big fan of Toaru Majutsu no Index? Me too! =p
    1. Shellbell likes this.
  12. Safko
    Safko Walshy
    Hello, is anyone here...? : o
  13. Supernatural-Knight
    Supernatural-Knight Batosai
    1. Batosai
      May 23, 2018
    2. Supernatural-Knight
      I would definitely watch that. The dozen or so ways they try to serve Shigeshige wrong would be hilarious.
      I don't think the subs were especially needed, I got the general gist of it the first time. Good to have a bit more of an idea what is being said though.
      May 24, 2018
    3. Batosai
      Yeah it's kinda obvious what its about. A new episode of them doing so many things wrong to Shigeshige would be awesome. I wish Sorachi Hideaki would read our comments and wishes.
      May 24, 2018
  14. R3AP3R210.0
    R3AP3R210.0 BlueExorcist13
    hey bud try to get into contact with me sometime.
  15. Devstar2000
    I'm not new to JustDubs, but I've now created an account on JustAnimeForum and I'm trying to figure out how everything works.
  16. Samet Chan
    Samet Chan Sir-Maddy
    Nice picture! :)
  17. hermitaus9191
    wow three year update still love this site
  18. Crazyanime
    Crazyanime Laximus
    hey why hasnt the anime been updated yet
    1. Laximus
      We've hit a slight roadblock with anime being updated. Everything should be working again soon, please be patient with us in the mean time.
      May 12, 2018
    2. Crazyanime
      ok thank you
      May 13, 2018
  19. Colme
    Colme Supernatural-Knight
    I admire your dedication to this community.

    My best,
    ~ Colme
    1. Supernatural-Knight
      That praise is too much for such a small feat from you.
      Meanwhile here I admire the original members that made this community what it is that I enjoyed years ago.
      May 10, 2018
  20. Toms Antony
    Toms Antony Laximus
    When naruto shippuden episode 431 - 444 dubbed release
    1. Laximus
      They should be updated now, we're sorry for the inconvenience.
      May 12, 2018