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Important Understanding Thread Prefixes - Request Anime Version

Discussion in 'Request Anime' started by Vashnik, Oct 2, 2018.

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  1. Vashnik Reagent Lord

    Apr 21, 2013
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    If you have any questions about the thread prefixes for the threads posted in this section, then this thread should help.

    Received - Your report has been received. Please be patient as our content staff review the request.
    Subbed Only - The requested series is not English dubbed. Currently we only provide English Dubbed anime. Subbed anime will be denied at this time.
    Not Anime - The requested anime is not listed on ANN or MAL, our primary source for considering adding anime. This will be at the JustDubs Admin's discretion and could be denied or placed at low priority if accepted and there is a list of anime to be added.
    Sourced - The request has a source provided by the author of the request.
    Uploading - The series is being uploaded by a Content Manager. Typically for any series with a lot of episodes to upload, such as Naruto, One Piece, Hunter x Hunter (2011 version), etc or if it might take a bit longer than usual (such as hard to locate, or unpopular series with very few sources).
    Airs Weekly - The requested series airs weekly and all requests for the series will likely be ignored. We do not have [time mages] employed here, so we cannot cast Haste to speed up time. Patience will be required instead.
    Pending - The request is pending a release date. Either the anime or a set of episodes are stuck behind a release date that has not come or has yet to be determined. This can also mean that an anime may have been announced for a dub release, but it has not yet been released. If your request is tagged by this prefix, it means JustDubs is unable to upload this series or a set of episodes because it has not been released yet. Watch Laximus' Ongoing Dub Releases thread for updates.
    Already Exists - The requested anime was already on the site.
    Added - The series has been added and the request fulfilled.
    Lacks Info - The request lacks enough information to search for the correct series that is being requested.
    Removed - The series was removed from the listing. View the thread marked with this prefix for the reason why or visit the thread Some Anime Removed From Jd.org for a list of anime that were removed from the listings on the streaming site.
    Rejected - The series was fully denied. It was either an anime that was reported in a DMCA notice, didn't match our standards, or wasn't even animation at it's most general sense of the word "anime".
    Netflix - The request is for a "Netflix" anime. Sources may or may not be available.
    Duplicate - The episode(s) or series being requested was already made.

    This is not a support thread.
    Updated 12 Apr 2019
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