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Ten Commandments Of A.p.l

Discussion in 'SOS Brigade (Clubs)' started by Satoko Houjou, Sep 23, 2018.

  1. Satoko Houjou Trophy Hunter

    Jul 2, 2014
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    1. Thou Shalt love Ace unconditionally
    2. Thou Shalt protect Ace from dem Navy men
    3. Thou Shalt hold nothing but disdain for Blackbeard. If thou idolizeth Blackbeard, thou shall fall to hell
    4. Thou Shalt tell Sengoku to fuck off
    5. Thou Shalt hold the names 'Luffy' and 'Sabo' with utmost reverence, for Ace likes them.
    6. Thou Shalt swear eternal vengeance to rain upon the one called 'Akainu', and thou shall not strayeth from this vow
    7. Thou Shalt care for and look after poor Tama, because she hath suffered enough when she lost her best friend.
    8. Thou Shalt have no favorite characters other than Ace. The only exceptions to this rule are Sabo, Luffy, Tama, Robin, Law and Katakuri.
    9. Thou Shalt not show indifference or hate towards Ace in here or in public.
    10. Thou Shalt post at least one picture of Ace per day in here.

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