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Sanrio Donates to Earthquake-hit Area Every Time its Video is Watched

Discussion in 'Just Entertainment' started by Vladnyx, Sep 28, 2016.

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    Sep 26, 2015
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    Sanrio Japan uploaded a video on September 26 starting a new initiative of "One Action for One Love" to help the Kumamoto and Oita prefecture areas still heavily affected by the 7.3 magnitude earthquake that hit this past April.

    The video states that Sanrio has "thoughts they want to send to everyone in Kumamoto and Oita." The company will donate one yen for every time the video is played. The initiative' s website also includes other ways to donate, such as using your Sanrio Friendship Club points.

    Quite a few companies, like Good Smile Company and Level-5, have donated to support the recovering Kumamoto area. Anime Tamago released a DVD of its shorts with all proceeds benefiting Kumamoto.

    Sanrio previously donated to to disaster relief efforts in Haiti in 2010 and to help those affected by the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake in 2011.​

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