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Sailor Moon Crystal Anime Gets Sequel

Discussion in 'Anime News' started by Vladnyx, Jan 26, 2017.

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    Sep 26, 2015
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    The official website for the Sailor Moon franchise's 25th anniversary announced on Wednesday that a sequel is in the works for the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal anime. More details will be announced later.
    The website also announced that the original 1990s Sailor Moon television anime will receive its first Blu-ray Disc release in Japan. The first of two 23-episode volumes of the first anime series' Blu-ray Collection will go on sale on June 14, and the second will go on sale on August 9. The transfer will be an high-definition "upconversion" of the standard-definition material. The initial release will have a deluxe cover sleeve.

    The staff plans to continue the Blu-ray release with Sailor Moon R and three movies.
    The third Sailor Moon Crystal season, which featured a new staff and focused on the Death Busters arc (also called the Infinity arc), premiered on Tokyo MX last April. Crunchyroll, Niconico, and Hulu streamed the season. The three services and others streamed the first two Sailor Moon Crystal seasons overseas as they debuted online in Japan. Viz Media licensed both seasons for release in North America. Viz

    Media released the first season of Sailor Moon Crystal on DVD and DVD/Blu-ray combo pack on August 16.​

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