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RP thread Descriptions

Discussion in 'SOS Brigade' started by Miss Elegent Serenity, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. Miss Elegent Serenity Your loveable social admin & RP president

    Apr 21, 2013
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    Hello everyone :)

    This section I am gonna post all the RP with their descriptions below. You can also view them here


    Most of our active threads are in the 'Fantasy' section in TBRP But you are more then welcome to join any section we have.  To join TBRP  just create a username and password and feel free to jump in on any of the RP threads (even if they are already ahead you can jump in at any time) . All you have to do is create a character with character info requested per RP most usually request

    Character Info:




    Weapon of choice:

    Backstory: (not all require this cause most back stories are used in the RP's)

    Ect. you can make your 1st post your character info and introduction. If you need a recap on the thread feel free to contact me and i can refer you to the thread creator or recap you myself (depending on the thread )

    Most of all have fun and enjoy.

    ~Miss Elegent Serenity

    OOT: i have to run out here for a few min i will post them when i get back ;)
  2. Miss Elegent Serenity Your loveable social admin & RP president

    Apr 21, 2013
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    ~Earths Pawns (reboot)

    A greedy king, not happy with the ruling he had over the land "despicable creatures"  he called mankind, wanted more. The deity of death and destruction, pleased by the Kings thirst for more power, decided to offer a deal to the king. The king was offered to have a world all to himself and the power to create that world, but in return he was to destroy all of mankind. The deity saw this as a perfect opportunity to create a world of darkness and the king would do his bidding. As greedy as the king was he didn't hesitate to take the offer.

    A war broke out amongst all the villages, the king using the deity's forces to destroy all of those who were human leaving the world in turmoil.

    The  other gods were displeased with this, but they too had a plan of their own, they had prepared for the deity to make a move as bold as this many years in advanced. They had placed several humans on the earth to be born in the years prior to the attack, knowing these humans would fight back for what is right . Each person carries a certain power, a tool/weapon, or had a special ability about them to help them battle the kings pawns, to ultimately bring down the king and his rule.

    we are to battle the kings demon pawns to survive and to try to get to the king to destroy him to gain back the world we once loved

    diagram of the deities

    The Gods are all siblings to each other, the number unknown so far.

    So far there are:
    The Deity of Pride and Purity
    The Deity of Light

    The Deity of Darkness
    The Deity of Death and Destruction
    The Deity of Knowledge (The Observer, Mirathrous Drakkat)

    The Deity of War and honor
    The Deity of Realm- purely neutral affected by the lands and everything living on it
    The Deity of Existence- affected by all life in all worlds
    The Deity of nature

    The family always struggles with each other...

    The Deity of Death and Destruction dislikes everyone, except for the Deity of Darkness.

    The Deity of Darkness is mostly neutral to everything occurring, he is a solitary figure.

    The Deity of Knowledge dislikes the Deity of Death and Destruction, as he dislikes his precious people.

    The Deity of Purity and Pride opposes the Deity of Death and Destruction and the Deity of Darkness. He is neutral towards the Deity of Knowledge.

    *****so here are the rules..*******

    *no one is invincible or all powering (even the villians we have as op have their weaknesses)

    *you can have a supernatural power, a certain tool or weapon that contains a power, or a special ability to battle with, but no god moding, powers are to be limited. No one is gonna go outside, slam their sword on the ground or use their power and obliterate everything in sight all at once, this is not allowed PERIOD.  Basically "one shot, one kill" ordeal

    *play your characters as you would like, if you follow the rules there shouldn't be any issues, not everyone has to be in one group there can be several groups or you can travel solo, we are all going after the same thing in the end.....
    you can start as soon as you enter you character info :)
  3. Miss Elegent Serenity Your loveable social admin & RP president

    Apr 21, 2013
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    Chaos and Order: Reclamation

    ...And so the land was cleansed with fire, the fury of a draconian God-King knows no bounds. But the true Gods have awoken..One brings Chaos in a ring of fire and darkness, the other, Order, in a bountiful well of light. Humanity will soon see the difference between man, and God.

    A war of two thousand years raged in the heavens. An unimaginable time span for humans, but just a fraction of a second for gods. Chaos and Order, brothers, and gods. But very different, and each very passionate about what they believe.

    Order, the God of light, prosperity, and everything just in the world.

    Chaos, the God of darkness, death, and all that humanity fears.
    But both are necessary. For without Chaos, there can be no Order, and vice versa.
    Both, however, were immeasurably powerful. Both would leave destruction in their wake if they chose to.

    As their war raged on, Chaos and Order both came up with similar plans. They are brothers after all, so it was not uncommon for them to do so. They both planned to strip the other of godhood, and cast them down to Elysium, the home planet of humanity.

    Chaos, sitting upon his throne of death and despair, deep inside his underworld, his prison of lost souls.

    Order, standing at the edge of his hallowed grounds, high above in Utopia, his kingdom.

    They both launched their supreme assault.

    Both were successful, and both were stripped of status. Though they remained very much powerful, and very much superhuman, they were, indeed, human.

    They no longer had the ability to create and destroy at will. They no longer had the ability to visit Utopia or the Underworld. They had exiled each other from their kingdoms.

    But as they both crashed to earth, armed only with their sacred weapons and the clothes on their backs, they had realized something.

    Two thousand years had passed since they last looked upon Elysium. But it was as if it had nearly been frozen in time. There was no technological advance. Not to mention, they saw no cities. No towns, no villages.

    The two eventually joined back together, realizing that teaming up may become necessary, and neither willing to leave the other now that they were mortal. For you see, the brothers truly did hate each other. But, they were brothers, and they would not see each other die.

    It was a difficult pairing, but they did it out of necessity. Many months were spent gathering information, examining Elysium.

    Many things were discovered.

    The most important being that one single man had ascended to ruler of Elysium. But this was not Elysium. Elysium had died long ago. This world, this world was called Diabolus.
    Named after it's new God-King. Diabolica Dracul. Humanity was forced into worshiping him.

    All of humanity had been forced into incredibly massive, highly regulated prison cities. They were worked for nothing more than the absolute minimum necessary to survive. Their were no luxuries. All forms of weapons and magics had been outlawed, punishable by death. The only men that were able to carry and use such things, were God-King Dracul's minions. They were not true men though.. something had been done to them. Something..wicked.

    Chaos and Order saw this vile abomination of their creation and decided they would stop it. They realized though, that they would not be able to on their own. They decided to test the humans they once loved, to see if they were still worthy.

    Chaos and Order had no trouble making it in and out of the Prison City, but humans would most assuredly.

    Chaos and Order snuck a note into hundreds upon hundreds of doors. Hoping for at least four qualified individuals to prove themselves worthy.

    The notes asked for willing individuals or groups to escape the city, and meet two powerful men at a makeshift bunker in the foothills, to speak about a rebellion. To overthrow the God-King and return humanity back to its freedom. Are you brave enough, human? Prove it then.

    The minions will find these notes, and the God-King will become aware. It will only make it more challenging for you to prove yourselves to Chaos and Order.
    We await your arrival.
  4. Miss Elegent Serenity Your loveable social admin & RP president

    Apr 21, 2013
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    "Bellatrix quest"
    (warriors quest)

    A king and queen, wanting to find the greatest warriors in all the land, decide to come up with several challenges...they had their knights send out several notices throughout the villages to bring out these warriors who are willing to accept the challenges

    anyone can come in at any time they want its a free RP basically there is no 'one' plot there is a main plot but everyone can creat their own plots along the way

    PM me for updates or info



    warriors of all kinds
    willing to take several challanges
    given to you by the king and queen
    those who meets these challanges
    will receive a great reward

    ~i should make note this is around medieval era, but willing to add modern technology in the mix, would a great plot

    everyone has started out as mortal, but will later be granted their abilities by a source or event ( i had listed a few ideas but willing to take any others,  this will give everyone the opportunity to play a character they want)

    **ALSO**(when the time comes)

    Mortal statuses
    mortals can be:( you can choose to be one or two of the list below ie:traveler/assasin)
    Assassins- but you cannot kill off another character unless given the ok
    pirates-looking for treasure
    archerr- excellent with a bow
    theives-pretty much explainaitory
    travelers- travels the world looking for quests, gold ect
    Knight - Masters of the sword and shield, take pride in their heavy armour
    Apprentice - Those who study magic in its most basic forms, often under the ruling of a mage
    Scholar - They live their lives going through various texts of fact and fiction. They are smart, cunning and imaginative.
    Villager - Your run of the mill villager, may cut wood, farm or spend all day in the local tavern
    Orphan - Your parents were killed or abandoned you
    Exile - Your were thrown from the land for crimes against the lord
    Townsfolk - Wealthy enough to live in the town and smart enough to question why
    Lord/Lady - Gifted with wealth they have invested their time in tradition and valor... or are corrupt as hell
    Ranger - Lone archers who are just as deadly with the blade as they are with the bow
    Priest/Priestess - A man of god... or so they say, they rely on their prayers to keep both themselves and those around them safe
    Hermit - Living alone has given them plenty of time to discover inner peace and what bugs make a good stew
    Barbarian - Rough and viscous, they are dangerous in a fight and violent in a debate
    Hunter - They roam the lands in search of their next meal or profit, hunting everyday animals to the rarest of beasts
    Animal Tamer - They prefer to befriend animals than to kill them, the most gifted are said to be able to understand their animals just by the twitch of their nose
    Rouge-Rogues are Stealthy, cunning, and fast. They have very low armor but deal high damage. As a pure class the Rogue is unable to heal others or tank.they are also masters of poisons too
    (thank you to joshier for helping with this awesome list and descriptions)
    creatures or abilities can be:
    (everyone has a limitation at the moment no one has full potential)

    (you can transfer into and back if choose to do so)
    Vampire - Gifted with inhuman strength and speed they can find and destroy their targets with ease, more often than not avoiding those who hunt them. They suffer shortcomings of weakness to light and fire. To sustain themselves in their vampiric form they require blood, any blood will do but Human blood is most effective. Lack of it may lead to a weakened state or rampancy depending on the vampire.
    Werewolves - Those who howl in the night and bring down animals in the forest. They have speed capable of matching a vampire and the strength to tear one in half however they lack the agility or evasiveness of one. Werewolves also suffer from lack of awareness when transformed, however there have been known exceptions to this.
    Reaper - They harness the souls of the world to fuel their attacks, they are neither good nor evil, they focus on what souls they need to sustain themselves. Their attacks are lethal and accurate but require souls to unleash them, a pro-longed fight spells trouble for these powerful creatures
    Dryad - Predominately female, they harness the power of nature to unleash devastating attacks of all kinds, however lack strength in caves, towns and other barren locations
    Divinity - The ability to ally with the divine (or demonic) forces in the land, they gain incredible power when near places of faith, such as shrines, churches or graveyards. They are also naturally incorruptible depending on their alignment and are near enough immune to possession

    Magic - It comes in all forms, illusion, destruction, nature and even card tricks. It gives the wielder great power but can be a strain on their energy and life force.
    Ritual - Unlike priests basic prayers these are much more powerful and even capable of offensive uses, however they take time to use, requiring either words of arcane texts or philosophical statements.
    Summoning - The ability to summon creatures of all size, shape and nature. This requires immense energy and focus when summoning powerful beings as well as much charisma for them to agree to work with you.(limited to animals are creatures listed above)
    Vanguard - The ability to summon weapons and armour, the more powerful, the more draining. It allows for adaptation in many different fights.
    Blood Contract - The use of blood to form pacts, create weapons and call fourth magic. Although extremely adaptive it requires blood and in some cases a lot of it. most wounds will heal after the blood has been drawn out however the blood will restore naturally allowing for a quick solution to many problems but with long term side effects
    Trace- Can Copy blades, or covert weapons and such, can also charge up copies with mana and allow them to explode.
    Weakness: Trace's aren't as strong as the real thing, and can shatter.
    Morph - An incredible ability which allows a person to freely switch between the form of a human and ONE creature. The creature form becomes larger and more powerful as the user becomes stronger however they user may also choose to use a smaller form at the expense of power.

    Wind Rush - The power to move with unbelievable speed, although only effective in short bursts it can allow for swift dodges and powerful counter attacks
    to start off all you have to do is post the following information

    weapons: (be realistic please 2-3 at the most)
    creature/ability:(everyone is at a limitation no one has their full potential)

    ~as for back story can be topic of discussion between characters if you do create a backstory~
  5. The_Lullabye

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    I want there to be marshmallow dragons, that breath chocolate.

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