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RP rules, guidelines and tips

Discussion in 'SOS Brigade (Clubs)' started by Miss Elegent Serenity, Apr 4, 2017.

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    Apr 21, 2013
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    1) No bunnying: No moving of another's character unless they give the OK. This also means no playing another's character.
    IE: Jim grabbed a hold of Martha's arm and dragged her into the room.

    Reason: Some people might have ideas for their characters and don't want them to be dragged/ moved elsewhere. If you want to move someone's character, pm the person and ask if they are OK with it beforehand. Same with playing someones character, don't do it unless you are given permission to. This is annoying and will cause issues.

    2) Break up long posts, aka wall of text: If you are making a large post, break it up into separate paragraphs. This makes it easier for others to read.

    3) Punctuation and spelling. Please use proper grammar and punctuation. This is one of those rules that we are not too strict on, but it will be something that you might receive a PM about if your posts are hard to understand. Using punctuation helps us understand when a sentence ends and begins. Without it, we can't tell what you are saying. Use proper spelling, none of the ur, u, r, etc. You are Role Playing and telling a story; spell things out, don't be lazy and take the easy way, this will result in myself or others saying something. There is spell check on the forum, use it! Take advantage of something that is given to you.

    Examples: Proper Spelling

    U you
    R Are
    dat that

    4) God-Modding: absolutely no god modding (unless an RP allows it, this is the only exception) Don't create a character that is invincible or untouchable. Allow your character to take hits, create a weakness for your character. If your character is using a spell or power then have some sort of effect for your characters when using it constantly.
    Examples: weakening, feeling tired, etc.

    5)Sexual content: This is somewhat permitted. After all, this is an anime site and there are people who are into ecchi and might have their character running around unclothed or partially naked. There will also be posts that some will make to be funny by putting their character in an awkward sexual position. IE- Jim tripped over the loose floorboard and face-planted Martha's boobs

    As for sexual content in a relationship, you can lead up to it but don't go into detail as to what is going on. Leave it behind closed doors.

    Example: Jim and Martha headed into the room and removed their clothing, upon seeing each other and their naked glory they couldn't help themselves and soon found themselves in a passionate kiss. They slowly made their way into the bed...

    Leave it for the audience's mind to wander.

    7) Vulgar language: Vulgar language is permitted, but limited. You can use vulgar language but do NOT go overboard. You can use words in a sentence like saying "Damn it" or other words. But you cannot write a post with, say, the F word in every other sentence. This is something that can get your post flagged if it is done enough in a post, someone may report it.

    8) 3 day rule: You have three days (unless we know otherwise since some post once a week) to reply to someone before they can choose to move on with their plot without you. Having someone stuck and waiting more than 3 days for a post is unfair to that person. Please keep that in mind, especially in a big plot that consists of multiple replies from multiple people.

    9) Do not corner another character: Basically, don't put make it to where someone has "no way out" by blocking their every move. If you are going to entrap someone's character then first of all, make sure they are ok with it and second, make sure if they want to get out, they have a way out. We have had situations where characters were trapped in a basement and every post they made to get out was countered by some kind of blockade. If someone wants their character out, it means they didn't want the entrapment to begin with. The only time entrapment is allowed to where there is no way out is IF you have planned this with the person in advance.

    10) Killing is prohibited: Unless it is a "battle royal" type of RP where killing is allowed. If you want to kill another character, you MUST talk to the person first and get their permission. Most of us have long-term ideas for our characters and killing them is the last thing we had planned to do. Every once in a while, you might have someone who is willing to allow their character to be killed by another character.


    -Use OOT (out of topic/ Off Of Topic) when you need to say something outside of the RP.
    Example: OOT: I won't be able to post for a few days so feel free to move on without me.
    OOT: This is getting interesting, can't wait to see how each character reacts.

    -Try to keep everyone updated: If you are gonna be away for some time, try to inform us so that we don't hold up an RP for one person.

    -Remove your character from the plot if you are going to be away for a while. This helps everyone out in two ways. First, it allows you to re-enter your character at a later date by having them catch up to the group (if there is one). Second, it helps the rest of us because we aren't waiting for a post that won't come for a long time.

    -Plan out stories with other roleplayers. Feel free to PM someone with a plot idea you have and see if they are interested in going along with it. Communication is key; it's also why we have a chat on Skype. This allows us to discuss ideas with each other that we might have for someone's character, it is a good way to work things out so that these plans go exactly how you want them to go.

    We understand some situations happen without warning, but if it is possible to do so, please try to inform us if you are unable to reply. You can do so by sending us a private message or leaving an "out of topic" message on any roleplays you're involved in.
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