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Reviews: General Guidelines and Practices

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Shogun13, Aug 22, 2014.

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  1. Shogun13 Lord of the Dance

    Mar 27, 2013
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    These are the rules that have always been here. I wrote these long ago and they work. Note that by pressing submit, you send it to a moderation queue which allows me to edit your reviews before they are posted. If you have a problem with my editing (specific instances of your work would be appreciated), you can talk to me about it.
    Reviews should follow these general guidelines. However, if you are a confident writer, please feel free to use any format you wish. Need it be said, use proper grammar, punctuation and paragraph form.

    Part 1: Concept or Plot
    A brief synopsis of the plot of the anime.
    Avoid spoilers. Episode 1 spoilers are acceptable.
    You might mention the anime's genre and target audience.

    Part 2: Characters
    Describe the main characters and how they relate to the plot.
    Are the characters memorable? unique? likeable?

    Part 3: Animation
    Describe the quality of the animation.
    You might comment on the character design, the backgrounds or color schemes.

    Part 4: Audio
    Describe the quality of the voice acting.
    Did the actors bring the characters to life for you?
    You might name some of the notable voice actors.
    Describe the quality of the soundtrack or opening and closing pieces.
    Does the music enhance the mood of the anime?


    1. My review keeps getting declined! How do I get accepted?

    If you follow the general guidelines, your review will be approved nearly 100% of the time. However, we don't require it and you can follow your own format. As a note, we suggest only confident writers stray away from these guidelines as reviews should be both organized and interesting to read.

    2. Where do I submit my review?

    In order to submit your review, simply create a thread. Title the thread "Poster name (ie Shogun13)-Anime Title (ie Death Note)" (If you are only reviewing a single season of a show you can note this by putting s1, s2, s3, etc at the end of the name). Once there it will be either approved or denied.

    3. What are tips on writing a good review?

    Remember to review the anime and not just write a synopsis. Reviews should include a good amount of opinion.

    4. What will not be approved?

    Plagiarized reviews, reviews written with little thought in consideration, purely summary-based articles, and other poor quality reviews.
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