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Important Required Reading! Important Guidelines When Requesting Anime

Discussion in 'Request Anime' started by Vashnik, Oct 29, 2018.

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    Important information regarding anime requests. Some anime requests have revealed a need for guidelines, especially when it comes to requests for anime that haven't been released yet or where an anime was barely released. We know your excited. So are we! But some things take time. So let's go over some guidelines to that will improve your experience and help our staff. This will now be required to prevent your request from being prefixed with "rejected."

    • Very important because JustDubs is an English dubbed anime site. You can find out if an anime is dubbed by simply searching for DVD sales sites and official company sites to see if they have English audio. We also have a dedicated thread that elaborates ways to find out whether it's been dubbed. Official sources work best, but when in doubt the How To Tell If An Anime Is Dubbed thread can help you out.
    • If the anime you were going to request is broken, do not post your request here.
    • The "Request Anime" section is for requesting an anime be listed on the site.
    • Broken anime listings should be made in the Report Broken Anime section.
    • If the answer to your question is yes, please do not make a request for it. We do not consider Netflix a reliable source for anime. Because JustDubs lists anime for free, we do not expect our staff to purchase premium streaming services to grab exclusives. If a source exists, we'll try to list it whenever possible. However, do not expect it to be listed right away. Barely released anime on Netflix will NOT be listed on the site right away. It takes time to track down viable sources and Netflix is NOT one of them.
    • Netflix is not a legitimate anime site as they do not exclusively stream anime. They stream TV shows, movies, documentaries, etc. Much of what Netflix contains are not anime related at all.
    • This is another very important part of knowing whether the dub is official or not. We do not list fan-dubbed anime--or anime that has been dubbed by fans at the unofficial capacity. Using the How To Tell If An Anime Is Dubbed thread will help you determine if it's been officially dubbed or at the very least, officially licensed by a company and an official dub cast announced.
    • Please check the homepage just to be sure or check/search Request Anime section for the request. We list anime by their English title if they have one. Do not make multiple request threads as this will not speed up your request. We have thread prefixes to mark the status of the request. Use Understanding Thread Prefixes - Request Anime Version if you have questions about a thread prefix.
    • There are some anime that were removed from our listings. To find out if the anime you're about to request is on this list, please check the thread Some Anime Removed From Jd.org for this list.
    • All anime on the 'removed' list will NOT be added to the streaming site until further notice. Any requests that keep asking for it will automatically be denied and tagged with the "Removed" prefix.
    • Simuldubs are defined as dubbed simultaneously shortly after the anime's episode airs in Japan on a weekly schedule by official dubbing studios.
    • Please allow our content managers a few days to track down sources and upload if necessary. Do not make requests the day after it airs. While we all love quick and free anime access, it can take time to track down high quality sources for your viewing pleasure. We pride ourselves on quality, so we try to find the best sources to you can enjoy it in the best quality possible.
    • If waiting for episodes to be uploaded isn't your forte, consider volunteering direct video links (send them to a content manager or @Laximus ) to high quality sources for the dubbed anime you want to see on our site and/or checking the Content Managers Wanted thread to find out how you can help Just Anime Network.
    • If an anime hasn't been dubbed yet, you can bookmark the Ongoing Dub Releases thread by @Laximus to stay up-to-date. She updates the thread on new releases or changes to an anime's release, as well as updates the JustDubs site. Consider giving her a thank you for all her hard work when you see her.
    • Do not make a request the day after an anime has been released. It takes time for people to make the content available and upload it somewhere on the internet and it takes time for our content managers to track down sources.
    • Have patience and give us time to track down sources. If the anime you're about to request has been out a month and we still don't have it, then let us know.
    • Weekly episodes are controlled by official dubbing studios licensed to dub, stream, and distribute them. If the episodes fall behind a week for any reason by licensed studios, it is beyond our control. Please do not request the episode that has been delayed by the licensed studio. This also goes for any anime series delayed in their releases to DVD or Blu-Ray, many of the anime come from when they're not simuldubbed. Once your request has been sent, if you need to add more detail and no one has responded to your request, edit your post. Guests may have to double post if no one has responded to their request as the edit feature is limited to forum members.
    • No "you should have this anime" or "anime that should be on the site" titles please. Using the anime's title makes it clearer what anime you are requesting.
    • If you have a list of anime, make individual threads for them. Please keep in mind that we go with the English title if one exists for the anime.
    • Example:
      1. Create one request for: A Certain Scientific Railgun
      2. Create one request for: A Certain Magic Index
    Important to note: all staff are volunteers here. Some work in real life earning a pay check to support themselves and in some cases, their family. Some staff are students in some level of school. All work on this site is done in our spare time, without pay, because we enjoy anime as much as any other anime fan and want to share our love of anime with other fans old and new. We rely on advertisements as our primary source and any money received is used to pay for the server, domains, software licenses, and premium add-ons to enrich the user experience.

    Updated 26 May 2019
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