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Read Before Reporting Videos

Discussion in 'Report Broken Anime' started by Sporadic, Jun 8, 2014.

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  1. Sporadic Site Dev / Owner

    Mar 26, 2013
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    Steps in reporting broken links.
    1. Clear your browser's cache and try the video again.
    2. Check the thread Some Anime Removed From Jd.org for your listed anime. If it's not there, continue to step 3.
    3. Search if there is a thread already open on this series and not prefixed with "Fixed", if so add to the broken links thread for this series and/or bump the topic.
      1. If the thread is prefixed with "Fixed" but the reported episode is still broken, bump the topic by specifying what exactly is broken. Audio sync, pixelated video, video is shorter than normal (A 24 minute episode is showing up as 15 minutes total), etc.
      2. If the video mentions maintenance in the video player, the video is temporarily inaccessible and is beyond our control. Check the video at a later time or date.
    4. If a thread does not exist or the thread has already been prefixed with "Fixed", start a new thread. To do this click on new thread.
    5. For the title in the new thread, type the name of the series broken.
    6. Inside the message box type what episodes are broke and/or any other issues with the anime. Specify if download or streaming.
    7. Click submit new thread at the bottom.

    Any questions / comments / concerns - pm me or another content manager.

    List of Content Managers:
    Laximus (formerly known as Laxgirl16)
Thread Status:
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