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Attention Pending Changes To Clubs

Discussion in 'JustAnime Forum' started by Vashnik, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Vashnik Reagent Lord

    Apr 21, 2013
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    All staff were invited to discuss the future of the clubs and what ones can be rescued, what ones risked being disbanded, and what ones are confirmed dead. This was posted in July. Since it's August and discussion has ceased about the fate of all clubs, it's time to get the public involved. Note that the dates and activity will be a bit outdated and should not be considered "current".

    I was hoping to hold off until I received a report and discussed ways to handle inactive/abandoned clubs. However it is now July and we need to resume club creation rules.
    I will be listing clubs in alphabetical order. Inactivity will be based on 1 month of silence. From yellow to red, clubs will be noted for inactivity from less (yellow) to severe (red). Clubs not colored are active, even if by only recent posting.
    Club Name - Last Active Post
    AMV Club - April 25, 2017
    Anime Cafe - May 17, 2017
    Comic Book Club - March 18, 2017
    Film Club - May 30, 2017
    JustAnime Designers Club - December 17, 2016
    JustDubs Community Club - February 28, 2017
    Manga Club - January 28, 2017
    Music Club - June 8, 2017 (this club actually has 1 more day, but risks 30 days of inactivity)
    New Releases Club - July 6, 2017
    Online Book Club - July 4, 2017
    RP Club - July 4, 2017
    Study Club - January 17, 2017
    Tabletop Guild - June 10, 2017 (this club actually has 3 more days, but risks 30 days of inactivity)
    The Light Novel Club - March 9, 2017
    The Midnight Channel - December 17, 2016
    Video Games Club - June 1, 2017
    Weekly AVI/Sig Club - June 18, 2017

    Mature clubs
    Ecchi Lovers United - March 28, 2017

    For the active clubs
    * The RP Club is doing well, keep up the good work Ella and your active members.
    * Online Book Club has only just started. But the membership is low and faces the same risks that even the mightiest of clubs face. This can become inactive very quickly due to it's very specific title. If you know someone that is interested in Online Books, you might suggest they join (or at the very least, check out) the club so they can connect with other like-minded members.
    * New Releases Club is doing better for now since Maddy is back.
    * Music Club is struggling. Supernatural-Knight is trying to keep it alive with his most recent post, along with Core (March) and Vladynx (February).
    * Tabletop Guild struggles with Heizengard posting at least twice (both June 10).
    * Weekly AVI/Sig club is struggling with Core's Corner keeping it afloat with his recent (June 18) post.

    For the clubs in red
    * JustAnime Designers Club is severely inactive since 2016. 6 - 7 of the members are hardly seen posting at all on the forum. Those that do are staff and we know how busy it can be fulfilling our roles as both staff and club members trying to keep clubs active, especially if you are part of more than one club.
    * The Midnight Channel is severely inactive since 2016. Half of which likely haven't been seen or heard from.
    * Study Club has been inactive since the near beginning of this year. Kaede leads the club, but Core is the most recent poster. It will need a new leader if it is to remain open, or Kaede will need to resume active posting in the club.
    * Manga Club has also been inactive sine the near beginning of this year. Metazoxan leads the club and has just recently resumed posting in the Asylum. Core is the most recent poster in the club however. Sporadic is also a leader, but with recent JAN events and real life work, he has enough on his proverbial plate.

    Ultimately, this is what's most likely facing the clubs:
    So, here is a quick list of clubs being disbanded and the plans for them:
    With the exception of Tabletop Guild and The Light Novel Club, the rest of the clubs that have plans after disbandment will move forward by end of August. As for the Tabletop Guild and The Light Novel Club, I will need to find a way to move those threads by unconventional means as social forums cannot have threads moved to other social forums using XenForo's default moderation tools and hopefully I can find a solution by end of August.

    If there are legitimate objections to the disbandment of the above clubs, post your objections here. Note that if you object to a disbandment of a club, you are also inheriting the leadership role of the club and will be responsible for keeping the club active and getting your members more involved with the club, otherwise the club will be disbanded the next time it comes time to decide the fate of inactive clubs. In the case of multiple objections for the same club, first objector will be the leader of the club.

    If you haven't joined a club yet and one of these clubs (below) interest you, please feel free to join the club or at least check them out.
    • Anime Cafe
    • Manga Club
    • Online Book Club
    • Music Club
    • New Releases Club
    • RP Club
    • The Midnight Channel (TMC)
    • Video Games Club
    • Ecchi Lovers United
    I know @Miss Elegent Serenity would appreciate more role players to help keep the RP stories interesting with new characters joining the story. If you're not sure how to participate in a role play, don't hesitate to ask one of the active role players for help. If you would like to lead one of the above clubs and the current leader hasn't been active, contact @Lince or myself. If you would like to lead the Manga club, let @Sporadic know as he's taken on temporary leadership for the club.

    Next up, staff will need to hold a meeting on new changes to club policies. Once we have established a new standard, it will be posted in a new thread in the JustAnime Forum section and the How To Submit A Club page will be updated.
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    @Vashnik don't forget to tell people to check out the Video Game Club :p
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