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New Frontier Days Game's Steam Trailer Shows Town-Building

Discussion in 'Video Game News' started by Sir-Maddy, Jun 6, 2017.

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    Apr 20, 2013
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    The official Arc System Works YouTube channel began streaming an English trailer and Japanese trailer for the upcoming Steam version of its New Frontier Days ~Founding Pioneers~ (Shin Daikaitaku Jidai ~Machi o Tsukirō~) game on Sunday. The two trailers showcase the game's features, such as using building towns, taming animals, and using different game or difficulty modes.

    Arc System Works will release the town-building simulation game for PC via Steam on June 8. The Switch version of the game is download-only and launched in Europe and Japan on March 3 and in North America on March 23. The game is a successor to the download-only Frontier Days: Founding Pioneers Nintendo 3DS game. The Switch version adds more buildings and animals, and allows players walk alongside pets, go fishing, and do other activities.

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