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Mahou Shoujo

Discussion in 'SOS Brigade (Clubs)' started by The_Lullabye, Aug 7, 2018.

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    Jun 18, 2014
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    The night is dark with only the light from the half moon and dozens of street lights to illuminate the road. A lone figure stumbles down the sidewalk slowly making their way closer to the dark portal of the alleyway. The figure reaches it then is dragged into the dark alleyway by a clawed hand. The next night a pair of women chat amicably as they head about their business. Once again reaching the opening to the alley the same clawed hand reaches out, the arm abnormally long and grabs one, dragging the screaming woman into the shadows.
    On the rooftop above a young girl looks down at this scene and stands. She wears a brightly colored dress with a cape, looking as though she had stepped out of a lolita fashion magazine. The quarter staff in her hand lights up as she drops from above into the darkness of the alleyway, shouting a word followed by a blinding light. The sound of fighting starts and ends in minutes. The darkness of the alleyway returns to normal, the monster having been forced back to its evil realm.
    The girl helps the woman to her feet and sends her on her way. A grim smile touches the young girl's features as the woman hurries home with her friend. To the Mahou Shojo, she knows this is just the beginning of the invasion.

    This RP is pretty simple, you, by whatever circumstance have been gifted the ability to transform into a magical girl! (Or boy) It's time to live out your fantasies and become one of these magical saviors of modern day life!

    Were you gifted these powers by a talking animal, were they inherited through family lines, how do your new responsibilities as a superhero interfere with passing the big test? Are your powers inspired by love and friendship or perhaps out of a selfish need to be praised for all that you do. How much of a toll will your fights with the creatures of darkness take on your mind?

    Note; feel free to use dark characters and situations such as Madoka Magica or the independent work Sailor Nothing as inspiration. However everything must stay within the rules of the forum.

    Character Profile Template
    Name: This is what your "parents" named you
    Nickname: The name you use after you transform if it's different.
    Gender: Male, Female, Hermaphrodite
    Age: How old your character is
    Powers: Your trademark move and any other abilities. (All Mahou Shoujo have improved healing, double jumping, can fall from high places without dying, can take a laser beam to the face, etc. They are highly durable but not unkillable.)
    Weapon: Does your character have a weapon? A wand, sword or anything.
    Backstory: How did you get your powers? How long have you had them? Do you fight alone or do you have a team of friends that stand with you?
    Appearance: Your character's appearance after they transform or before. If you would like you can upload/link an image from the internet but please use the spoiler feature so the image doesn't take up the entire page.
    Additional: Any other information about your character you wish to share that isn't covered above.
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