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Let Hitomi's Tarot Cards Guide You Courtesy of Funimation

Discussion in 'Just Entertainment' started by Vladnyx, Oct 21, 2016.

  1. Vladnyx Everyone is the main character of their own life.

    Sep 26, 2015
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    Funimation's successfully funded Kickstarter campaign for the Escaflowne television anime and film's home video release shipped out on Tuesday. One of the backer rewards tiers included a replica set of protagonist Hitomi's tarot cards, but for those who didn't snatch the deck up, Funimation is offering a simple browser-based tarot reading to provide guidance for all your major life decisions.

    Simply scroll to the bottom of the page, focus your mind on your question and take a screenshot of the webpage. Paste the screenshot in to your image editor of choice to see the revealed cards. The page also offers basic interpretations of the cards.

    Just what future will the cards show you? If you want feel free to share the question/questions you asked and provide a screenshot of the cards that were revealed to you along with what they mean.

    For an example I asked "What can I expect this Winter to be like?"
    Tarot Results.JPG
    And my card results were the Moon, Strength, and Temperance. Roughly translated this is what I can expect. From the reading I can expect a deceptive winter (Light snowfalls to start & not all that cold). It'll be a winter that'll require fortitude to endure (Likely a cold bitter winter or one that lingers), followed by my patience & even temperament till it passes. Not the reading I was looking forward to as I don't like the winter :(

    Tarot Card meanings are located in the spoiler below:
    Tarot Card Meanings.JPG

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