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Reported Invicted Video Script

Discussion in 'Customer Support' started by StarryEyes, Apr 3, 2020.

  1. StarryEyes Guest

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    With the slow down on of the release of new episodes in the ongoing series due to the @*^%$^* virus, I've been watching series I did not watch when they first came out, both new and older or re-watching series have watch. Some which I own the disc or digital version and are stored on a local drive (I converted my dvd collection to digital some time ago), and some of these I am watching via steaming. Yesterday, actually early this morning I finished watching Gate and Gate 2. Today when I got up (around 2pm) I decided it was time to finally get around to watching "The Testament of Sister New Devil". I had tried watching this series a LONG time ago but never past 2 or 3 episodes because I was watching on at the time never posted the entire series, just those few episodes. I've watch 4 so far, (been taking my time and doing other things between episodes) and have had issue with every episode so far. In each case when I click play a new tab would open and load a web page from another site. This would only happen though if the source of the video was hosted on one of the o0-#.com servers but not the mp4sources.com sources. (I checked them and had no problem other then a very SLOW dragged down boggy connection that is neither the fault of this site or mp4upload.)

    I have a lot of issues with mp4upload, it's good site and I will use it if there is no other source or I don't like those sources. My issues tend to be SLOW loading and connects and a lot of timeouts. Few at the beginning, increasing has the month progresses, or more correctly, has my data usage for the month increases. I also like other sources because their file tends to be smaller. Also, though they are not the same dpi or screen size has the mp4upload source, the stream to my 50" TV from my phone looks just fine and I am content with that.

    Here's a list of the sites that was loading in the tabs that was opening. Unlike the other invection I reported, they are different though do all have one thing in common. Malware.

    Episode 1 - Source 2 - o0-3[DOT]com

    It informed me that that my Flash Player might be of date and it is recommended that update my Flash Player. It even provided a download link Inspecting the element to see where the link was downloading from I foiund no url. In fact it was blocked. Doesn't matter, I ONLY download/update flash by going to the Adobe website itself and downloading/updating from there. Download like these are generally malware/virus attempts.

    Episode 2 - Source 1 - o0-3{DOT]com (only source listed)
    Episode 4 - Source 1 - o0-1[DOT]com (only source listed)
    I'm not even going to post the full links. Both times I was sent to a verified malware site, specificly to one of the gsafe[DOT]getawesome#[DOT]com sites. (They both attempted a https connection, just like the site from Episode 1)

    Episode 3 - Source 2 - o0-4[DOT]com
    This time was taken to http://www[DOT]ofphanpytor[DOT]com which I recieved the "Firefox can’t find the server at ..." page. I decided to attempt to reload the page and it was always the same. Makes me wonder if the site has been taken down.

    Now I'm off to cook dinner then continue watching the Anime from where I left off.
  2. Miss Elegent Serenity Your loveable social admin & RP president Moderator Community Relations Content Manager

    Apr 21, 2013
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    If this is happening when pressing the play button, unfortunately those are all issues to do with the video host. We have no authority over what ads, pop ups or even redirects they do and sadly they change how their ads work frequently. On moment you have no issues with ads, the next time you come one it'll just be a few ads in the video block, then another time you'll get random pop ups/ redirect. I do some of the uploading of the videos for our site and have noticed their ads are constantly changing. We just upload our content to their video hosts and add it to the site.

    If its happening when clicking on the tabs that say "Source 1" or "source 2" those pop ups are from the ad source we are using. They should only come up one time each per page. I just tested it on several episodes and only receive the redirect once for hitting source one and once for hitting source two. After that i didn't have any more redirects and clicked each multiple times. I usually just quickly close them out and don't give them a chance to load. Unfortunately we had to result to ads

    As for the very slow loading, I checked a few episodes of the anime you listed and my loading time was rather quick, but it could also be the time of day. A lot of the slow loading has to do with the nation wide covid ordeal. A LOT and i mean a LOT of people are online now, playing games, watching shows, video chatting etc. Overloading the internet providers, its affecting everyone, causing sites to glitch, causing slow streaming/ downloading, glitching games and even glitching video chats. I dont know if you have hulu, but its so bad that even their site will often pop up a loading sceen. The other day during a 40 minute show, i got the loading screen 5 times. To give an idea of how bad it is.
    We play D&D on roll20 last night we couldn't even get everyone on to play without someone not hearing us or getting disconnected. We never had any issues like that before. Several sites have stated they are being overloaded with the mass amount of users since a ton of people are home right now.

    I can recommend using "Ad blocker plus" if you arent already, to help with the redirect issues you have with the video hosts. But unfortunately it wont block them all as some ads have a bypass for ad blockers. Just as our users have to deal with the ads, our staff have to deal with those similar ads to upload the content. Its annoying to say the least but nothing we can really do. The video hosts also need to make their revenue.
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