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  1. Zekk Stilco I Got A Trophy!

    Dec 20, 2018
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    “You have fifteen minutes to get out of there, Omega squad.” Intel was always so… pushy, Fi thought. He slipped the empty blaster cartridge from his DC- 17 and slammed another home. “Alright, you heard the man, we have fifteen minutes to get the hell out of here.” Niner spoke from his position next to the blast door. Atin moved beside him, peeking around the corner, he snapped off a quick shot at something. “SBDs, boss. We need to bang out fast.” SBDs. Super Battle droids, great. Fi glanced over at Darman. The other commando was messing with something that was a tangle of wires. “Hurry up, Dar. We need that Det strip.” The squad was aboard a Separatist frigate, their mission was to annihilate a wealthy warlord who was about to hand over a large key system to the Separatist. And after killing the man they had ran into some… difficulties. A lot of difficulties. “Almost done here.” Darman said. Fi could see on his POV icon in the right side of his helmet that Darman's gaze was resting on a small remote control. “Ah, I see your gonna hand me a toy.” Fi said. Darman just turned around and stared at him. “On second thought, I guess not.” Darman picked up the tangle of wires and quickly moved over next to Atin. “Ok, this will leave a big hole when I push the button, so we better move. Fast.” A battle droid walked around the corner. Niner shot it. “Alright, let's go. This place won't look the same in about five minutes.” Fi rolled his shoulders and hefted his blaster. “Nor will I if I don't get some food into me. I'm starving.” Atin popped off the ventilation vent cover and started crawling into it. “We are going to be blown too hell and all he can think about is food? Tell me we can flush him out of the nearest airlock, Sarge.” He said. Fi shook his helmeted head. “Nope. My lady fans would kill themselves. And I think there was some who were clone supporters.” Darman was next, he clambered down the vent, his armored body making a loud clanking sound. “Well, than. We can't have that, can we?” Fi got down and followed the other commando into the vent. It was dark and the only light was from his helmet’s headlamp. “Ok, and where does this vent lead too?” Atin asked. Fi grunted when his head struck the top of the metal ceiling. “Maybe it leads to the ladies restrooms, I need to check my manicure anyways.” He quipped. “My scanner says it leads directly above hanger A. It was the only hanger I could find that had its bay door open.” Darman said, he ignored Fi's joking around. The commando stopped. Fi squeezed up beside him and stared down through the unbolted vent. There was a lot of battle droids down there. “Ok, so you picked a hanger with its door still open- which is awesome-but you couldn't scare the battle droids away?” Fi shook his head and wagged a finger at Dar. “That is very bad. Niner, we need a replacement for Dar, he isn't as clever as we thought.” Niner came up behind them, his t shaped visor glowing blue in the dark. “Well, we have to go down there. It's the only way out.” A loud crackle on the comm interrupted him. “This is Intel, you now have less than five minutes.” “ Wow. And I thought Atin was the only one who didn't know how too count.” Niner gave him a three beat stare. Fi couldn't see it, but he felt it. “This Omega's squad leader, what the hell happened to our fifteen minutes?” Niner asked tersely. “We have continued our bombardment on the vessel. You must pull out quickly if you wish to survive.” A voice answered. Fi started pulling the vent up. “Wow. You gotta love the guys who give us Intel. They throw us at the droids and the droids try too kill us, but we're getting killed by our own people! Unbelievable. Ok, I'm going down first. Cover me.” Fi shoved the vent cover to the side and started working on his rappelling line and cable. Niner inched closer to the lip of the vent, he quickly snapped a cartridge into his blaster. “Ok. I've got you.” Fi swallowed the lump in his throat. He hated this part of the job, dropping down on nearly a hundred droids wasn't his idea of fun. He stood up and jumped backwards, his blaster rifle cutting into the droids as he dropped down on them. Niner’s blaster rifle blasted a droid in half, the commando quickly moved on too the next. Fi’s feet hit the deck and he was running toward a small assault shuttle. His blaster pumping bolt after bolt into any droid in the way. When the droids started returning the blaster fire, he gritted his teeth and hoped his armor was strong enough to take a beating. He charged a battle droid and body slammed it aside, he dodged as a droid fired a anti armor round at him. “Is it just me or are these droids getting smarter?” He asked. He made it to the assault shuttle and was diving behind a stack of crates. Niner and Darman were already on the ground, running and blasting through the droids. “I don't know, Fi. Let's ask them.” Atin said, he was rappelling his way down. Fi ducked a volley of laser fire. “No thanks. I think I'm good.” Niner and Darman ran right on past Fi. Niner covering Dar as he was hacking into the ship's control panel. “Atin, you should have been with Niner, I don't hack into stuff, I make bombs.” He said. Fi chuckled, he rose up and hosed a path for Atin. “Ok, I think I got it.” Darman said. The hatch slid open and Fi bounded up the ramp. The ship was small and compact. More of a ship built for speed and not comfort. He went into the cockpit and froze. A woman stood beside the pilot chair, a blaster pistol in her right hand. Fi smiled. “Well. I don't believe it! A very beautiful woman is holding a weapon on me. And I thought I wasn't able to be flattered.” He simply lifted his blaster and with a flick of his thumb, switched it to stun, and shot her in the chest. “I'm sorry, it must've been that Mando thing between us.” He said. Niner walked in, followed by Atin. He looked at the woman and shook his head. “Get her tied up.” He moved into the pilot's seat and tapped in a few buttons. “Alright, sarge.” Atin bent down and started tying her up with plasteel-chain. The shuttle rumbled and rose up as Niner grabbed the yoke. “This was fun. Getting shot at by droids and our own people. And running through a hanger full of droids. Oh, yea, the bonus, seeing and stunning one of my lady friends. That's awesome.” Fi turned and pointed too the woman. “Hey, Atin, not too tight with those cuffs. Her skin is delicate.” Darman came in, holding his remote in his right gloved hand. He stared at the woman and then at Fi. “Did I miss something?” Fi shrugged. “If you mean my wedding, than yes.” The shuttle shot forward, nearly knocking Fi off his feet. He turned too the forward viewport and saw the cold vacuum of space. The stars shone brightly in the heavens. “Alright, Omega has survived another mission. We are Elite.” Niner said. Fi nodded. That they were….

    As I've said Star wars has always fascinated and inspired me to do what I can to be a good writer. So here it is, my own short story.

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