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Funimation Announces We Without Wings Dub Cast

Discussion in 'Anime News' started by Sir-Maddy, Jul 12, 2013.

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    Apr 20, 2013
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    North American anime distributor Funimation announced its dub cast for the We, Without Wings television anime series on Friday. The company also began streaming a trailer on its official site. Funimation will release the anime's first season in a DVD and Blu-ray Disc set (pictured right) for US$59.99 on September 3.

    The dub cast is as follows:

    Primary Cast

    Ricco Fajardo as Shusuke
    Scott Freeman as Hayato
    Felecia Angelle as Asuka
    Joel McDonald as Takashi
    Zoe Latimer as Naru
    Milly Prower as Hiyoko
    Jason Liebrecht as Kakeru
    Mary Morgan as Kobato
    Brandon Potter as DJ Conor
    Charles Clegg as Karura

    Additional Cast

    Kristi Kang as Yu
    David Wald as Karuo
    Chloe Daniels as Eriko
    Michelle Lee as Miyako
    Tiffany Patterson as Harue
    Brittney Karbowski as Ai
    Lily Carpenter as Kinako
    Teri Rogers as Masako
    Austin Tindle as Kazuma
    Eric Vale as Kurodo

    The anime is based on an adult visual novel by NAVEL, the original creators of Shuffle! and Soul Link. The television anime adaptation debuted in Japan in April 2011. Funimation announced in June 2011 that it licensed the series.

    We, Without Wings follows three protagonists through different times of day. Timid Takashi, who dreams of escaping to an alternate world, part-timer Shuusuke who works at a local cafe, and handyman Hayato. All three are interlinked somehow but to what extent is only revealed over time.

    . . .
    It would seem now FUNi is bringing in lots of new VA's.

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