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Functional Tattoos? More Than Just Body Art

Discussion in 'Tech Temple' started by Vashnik, Oct 28, 2017.

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    Apr 21, 2013
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    Technology is expanding no doubt. But did you ever think tattoos would become part of that technology and not just some body art that serves no other purpose?

    Well, how about being able to control a phone with your tattoos, making them functional and have more purpose than just decoration? Enter SkinMarks. They've developed temporary tattoos that can let you play and pause music on your phone, just by touching the tattoo that was placed on your skin. Not only that, but these particular ones by SkinMarks are luminescent as well, so imagine your body art being the touchscreen for your phone. Now, imagine you and your phone being one. Congratulations, we've taken another step to becoming cyborgs.

    Now, these tattoos aren't permanent yet, but the technology is there and would only be a matter of time before they can come up with a permanent solution. Best stick with the apps you'll never get rid off if permanent tattoos become a reality.

    Source: https://www.theflux.com.au/discover/want-to-turn-your-body-into-a-touch-screen

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