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Fantasy Island Trailer: Be Careful What You Wish For

Discussion in 'Movie and Television News' started by BK-201, Nov 12, 2019.

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    Apr 20, 2013
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    Lots of cult and classic TV shows have been through the cine-remake machine in the last couple of decades, to varying change and levels of success. Blumhouse has taken Fantasy Island and re-worked it to up the horror quotient.

    Truth Or Dare co-writer director Jeff Wadlow is back on the terror, beat, and he's brought along that film's Lucy Hale for the ride. The film finds several people arriving on a mystery island to be greeted by Mr. Rourke (Michael Peña, bravely stepping into Ricardo Montalban's iconic white suit), who informs them that each of their fantasies will come true.

    But to an even greater degree than in the original show, which twisted the visitors' desires around on them, this island is interested in darker corners of human life, and no-one is getting exactly what they expect...

    Maggie Q, Portia Doubleday, Charlotte McKinney, Ryan Hansen, Austin Stowell, Jimmy O. Yang and Parisa Fitz-Henley (who here appears to be playing a very different take on Hervé Villechaize's Tattoo) are part of the cast, and Fantasy Island will be looking to scare date night couples and other cinemagoers on 14 February.

    Source: https://www.empireonline.com/movies/news/fantasy-island-trailer-blumhouse/

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