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Fantasy Grounds

Discussion in 'SOS Brigade (Clubs)' started by ShadowLinks, Mar 2, 2016.

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    Apr 20, 2013
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    Does anybody else here use it? I thought it was pretty cool and you can get pre-built licensed content as DLC.

    There is a demo version if you want to check it out. The normal license lets you host and play games, the only limit being that you can only host 1 demo client, but unlimited on normal clients. The ultimate version removes that limit, so its best for DMs that want to get new people in (but expensive)

    I think the normal cost for a license is $40 but there are the occasional steam sales that decrease the amount, and if you have enough people, the 4 pack discounts it even more (It was like $22.50/player that way)

    Btw I've never DM'd but I do plan on running some short campaigns at some point (Lost mine of Phandelver D&D 5e)

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