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Disabled Funimation Anime

Discussion in 'Information & Updates' started by Sporadic, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Sporadic Site Dev / Owner

    Mar 26, 2013
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    We are finally addressing the issue we are having with some of our anime. We originally did not want to go into detail about WHY certain shows were unavailable. Since they were only scheduled to be down for a short period of time we figured it would be pointless to get people worked up for no reason. But since we are going over a month and they are still down it is time we address the matter.

    Our server host, Worldstream, who is based in the Netherlands, contacted us with a complaint they received from Funimation's legal department. They gave us a list of anime they wanted removed within 24 hours or they threatened to shut our server down. So, we complied. Roughly 15.5% of our anime is down. The full list of anime can be found in a spoiler tag below.

    Our plan is to change server hosts asap to a host in Sweden. Hosts like this do not cooperate with takedown notices from other countries as laws of that nature do not apply in their country.The reason we did not switch already is because we only had enough donations in PayPal to cover one more payment on our current server. The cost of a server in Sweden is more than the $100 a month we currently pay.

    We will keep you posted as things change. Thank you for your patience.

    Complete list of anime currently unavailable:
    1: absolute duo
    2: aesthetica of a rogue hero
    3: afro samurai
    4: ai yori aoshi
    5: air gear
    6: akira
    7: and you thought there is never a girl online
    8: angel links
    9: apple seed xiii
    10: aquarion
    11: aquarion evol
    12: armitage iii
    13: assassination classroom
    14: attack on titan
    15: baka and test
    16: baldar force ex
    17: bamboo blade
    18: basilisk
    19: bayonetta bloody fate
    20: beck
    21: ben to
    22: black blood brothers
    23: black buttler
    24: black cat
    25: black lagoon
    26: blassreiter
    27: blood blockade battle front
    28: blood c
    29: blue gender
    30: brothers conflict
    31: burst angel
    32: case closed
    33: casshern sins
    34: cat planet cuties
    35: chobits
    36: chrome shelled regios
    37: chrono crusade
    38: claymore
    39: code breaker
    40: comic party revolution
    41: cowboy bebop
    42: coyote ragtime show
    43: d fragments
    44: d grayman
    45: dagashi kashi
    46: dance in the vampire bund
    47: dance with devils
    48: deadman wonderland
    49: death parade
    50: desert punk
    51: devil may cry
    52: dimension w
    53: divine gate
    54: dragon ball kai
    55: dragonar academy
    56: durarara
    57: eden of the east
    58: el cazador la bruja
    59: endride
    60: ergo proxy
    61: escaflowne
    62: excel sage
    63: fafner
    64: fairy tail
    65: flcl
    66: fractale
    67: freezing
    68: freezing vibration
    69: fruits basket
    70: fullmetal alchemist
    71: fullmetal alchemist brotherhood
    72: ga rei zero
    73: gangsta
    74: gantz
    75: ghost hunt
    76: girls bravo
    77: glass fleet
    78: grimgar od fantasy and ash
    79: guilty crown
    80: gungrave
    81: gunslinger girl
    82: gunxsword
    83: haibane renmei
    84: heatguy j
    85: heavy object
    86: hell girl
    87: hellsing
    88: heroic age
    89: high school dxd
    90: ikkitousen
    91: initial d
    92: is this a zombie
    93: jormungand
    94: kaleido star
    95: kamisama kiss
    96: karneval
    97: kaze no stigma
    98: kiddy grade
    99: king of throne
    100: kingdom
    101: kurau phantom memory
    102: last exile
    103: laughing under the clouds
    104: level e
    105: lord marksman and vanadis
    106: love hina
    107: magikano
    108: master of martial hearts
    109: melancholy of haruhi chan suzumiya
    110: melancholy of haruhi suzumiy
    111: michiko and hatchin
    112: mikagura school suite
    113: moeyo ken
    114: moonlight mile
    115: murder princess
    116: my bride is a mermaid
    117: my hero academia
    118: my hime
    119: negima
    120: nerima
    121: no rin
    122: nobunagun
    123: noein to your other self
    124: noir
    125: one piece
    126: ouran highschool host club
    127: outlaw star
    128: pandora in the crimson shell ghost urn
    129: panty and stocking with garterbelt
    130: peach girl
    131: princess jellyfish
    132: prison school
    133: psycho pass
    134: pumpkin scissors
    135: rage of bahamut genesis
    136: red data girl
    137: riddle story of devil
    138: rideback
    139: robotic notes
    140: romeoxjuliet
    141: rosario vampire
    142: rumbling hearts
    143: rurouni kenshin
    144: sakura wars the movie
    145: samurai champloo
    146: sands of destruction
    147: sankarea
    148: sekirei
    149: selector infected wixoss
    150: selector spread wixoss
    151: serial experiments lain
    152: shangri la
    153: shattered angels
    154: shomin sample
    155: shonen maid
    156: show by rock
    157: sky wizard academy
    158: slayers
    159: slayers evolution r
    160: slayers revolution
    161: snow white with the red hair
    162: soul eater
    163: soul eater not
    164: space dandy
    165: speed grapher
    166: spice and wolf
    167: steins gate
    168: strike witches
    169: summer wars
    170: suzuka
    171: terror in resonance
    172: texhnolyze
    173: the disappearance of nagato yuki chan
    174: the rolling girls
    175: the sacred blacksmith
    176: the wallflower
    177: three leaves three colors
    178: tokyo esp
    179: tokyo ghoul
    180: tokyo majin
    181: tokyo ravens
    182: trigun
    183: trinity blood
    184: ultimate otaku teacher
    185: unbreakable machine doll
    186: utawarerumono
    187: venus versus virus
    188: vexile
    189: wanna be the strongest in the world
    190: we without wings
    191: welcome to the nhk
    192: witch blade
    193: witch hunter robin
    194: xxxholic
    195: yona of the dawn
    196: yu yu hakusho
    197: yurikuma arashi
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  2. Dark

    Apr 9, 2015
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    what fairy tail? really.....XD

    what about the coming soon anime can we see them not coming up then?
  3. nonsense90259

    May 2, 2013
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    So it sounds a lot like all the stuff that's down, is down in thw "watching" section. Are the downloads still going to be downloadable?
  4. Miss Elegent Serenity Your loveable social admin & RP president

    Apr 21, 2013
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    The anime can still be downloaded in the download section. As for streaming, they will be available once we have the new server. We are hoping to have the new server up in the next week or two. Our site is currently running off donations for all the updates etc. After this month our ads will pay for the server. We had to disable them due to some issues we were having, which hurt the site a bit. Thanks to our wonderful fans, and forum members, they have been a great help in keeping the site up and running the past few months.
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  5. nonsense90259

    May 2, 2013
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    You guys arw amazing! Idk what i would do with my life without this site and all the hard work u put into it all. Thank you very much for all the hard work everyone puts into this site. <3
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  6. Miss Elegent Serenity Your loveable social admin & RP president

    Apr 21, 2013
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    You are very welcome. :) we do everything we can to keep this site up and running and to make our fans happy. Please feel free to share our site with your friends. If you haven't checked around on the forum much, there is a lot in the SOS brigade to do. Everything from Comic book discussion, music, RPing and much much more. There is a lot to do on this site other than watching anime, its a great way to meet everyone (staff and members alike) in our community ;) Glad you are enjoying it thus far.
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  7. Core

    Jan 28, 2015
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    I was worried something like this would happen.
    Fortunately, it sounds like we can recover from this, but I am hopeful this does not end up again, only resulting in catastrophic failure when no more options are available.
    Fortunately, downloads are still available. I can't rely on the internet enough to stream video.
  8. Sporadic Site Dev / Owner

    Mar 26, 2013
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    Yeah, the new server is being setup now. Kiri said she will start file transfers tonight and tomorrow. So once we are live on the new server those series will become available again. Hopefully it goes well, our new server is in Sweden and they are known for ignoring DMCA notices as those laws aren't applicable in their country.
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  9. Dan Wolfear20

    Feb 13, 2016
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    I've been having problems recently with a lot of series on the website that weren't among the ones taken down, and I was thinking it must be a server problem because these anime series are from many years apart, from (Wolf's Rain all the way to Chaika the Coffin Princess). The video plays but straight away the image keeps pausing and pausing until the hole video freezes and reloading the page doesn't really make a difference even though the site itself works fine, it's gotten to the point that I'm have to watch them on other websites.

    Is this because your in the proses of switching servers and it will eventually stop, or is it a different problem that needs fixing.
  10. Miss Elegent Serenity Your loveable social admin & RP president

    Apr 21, 2013
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    Have you tried both sources?
    We had someone have a similar issue last night and they had an update on their computer. Once they did the update, they no longer had any issues. It also sounds like it could be an internet issue? If its the 1st source try clicking the start video and give it a few to load before playing. I noticed it needs time to buff before it can play. Hope this helps some. I just check them and they work fine for me

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