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Chatango And Discord Rules (2/17/2018)

Discussion in 'Rules and Guidelines' started by Miss Elegent Serenity, Feb 4, 2018.

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    While our chat is hosted via Chatango & discord, Just Anime Network (JAN) provides the services to you, the visitor, based on these Terms of Service (TOS) outlined here. When using the services provided by Just Anime Network, you are subject to these posted terms. Usage of the services on this site denotes acceptance of these terms. The TOS may be changed at any time and without direct notice to individual visitors, so it is recommended that you check back with this page at any time you have questions or concerns.

    NOTE: Chat rules can and will be updated at any given time. When an update occurs the date will be changed in the title to the date of changes made. We will try to mark the updates with the * next to the updated rule or portion of the rule.

    1. Please respect all staff and members.

    1)This is not only limited to chat mods and admins. We have different staff from the Just Anime Network that like to frequent the chat at times. Please be respectful to ALL staff members. All staff are instructed to be fair and follow community standards like other members.
    2) Be respectful to other users: this includes anons in chatango. Posts of an offensive nature are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: Using vulgar, profane, or sexually explicit language. Using race, religion, sexual orientation, culture, ethnicity, handicap, nationality, or gender as a means of insult. No name calling or insults to one another. Using sexual preference terms as a term of insult in any way, shape, or form. Using threatening, harassing, defamatory, hate- speech, or libelous language. Keep the chat as friendly as possible.
    3) Posts clearly insulting other members, individually or as a group, directly or indirectly, are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to:
    Name-calling ("You're an idiot", "You moron")
    Direct insults ("Screw you")
    Offensive orders ("Go kill yourself")
    Insinuations ("Are you stupid or something?") or insults towards family ("Your mom...")
    Insults or jokes based on a sex, race or disability
    4) Privacy of other users: In the interests of personal safety we do not permit the posting of personal information other than your own. This includes, but not limited to, usernames, email addresses, etc.
    5) No harassment of any kind. Harassing a staff or member can and will result in ban if continued.
    6)No back seat modding: This includes, but not limited to, telling users to change their font color or username color while a mod is already handling the situation. Let the staff do their job. However, if you do see a rule being violated and a staff member is not around, it is acceptable to refer the user to the rule thread. If user insists on continuing to break the rules, please feel free to tag ( using the @staffmembername in chat) to get a hold of the mod that is around at the time.
    Chatango mods and admins are as follows:
    Admins: justdubsonline- aka Sporadic
    misselegentserenity- aka Ella

    Mods: blueexorcist13
    Charun drakarus
    Roy Blue

    Discord Mods and Admins are listed on the right hand side of the discord channel. Admins user names are red, mods are yellow, our other JAN staff are green.

    2. Reporting a staff member.
    ~If you have a problem with a chat moderator or another staff member please PM one of the admins of the chat and they will get back to you at their earliest convenience. (List of admins listed above)
    ~If you have been banned and feel you were wrongfully banned, contact an admin and they will look into your case to see if you are eligible to be unbanned.Admins are listed above

    3. No spamming.
    1) You may only send up to five (5) messages in a row, without another person posting in between, before something will be said.
    2) Posts that disrupt chat by sharing large blocks of text art designed out of ASCII or Unicode characters is also considered spam.

    4. Your text must be visible at all times.
    ~This rule is mainly for the chatango users: Please be aware of your font and background colors at all times. Make sure everyone is able to read your text or you will be asked to change it to where it is readable. Staff/ members and users may use both the site chat or extended chat. If your text cannot be read in either you may be asked to change it to where it can be readable.

    5. No Advertising.

    ~No referral links or advertising other anime streaming sites or communities. This includes advertising other anime sites (or any movie/tv streaming sites that has anime), forums, social media pages and chats. The exception to this rule is if it is only a verified JAN or JustDubs.org event or chat. However, talking about new releases or recently acquired series from an official publication or dubbing studio is allowed when used in the context of who acquired or currently holds the rights (legally) to a manga or English dubbed anime.
    ~If our site is currently down/ under maintenance/ or our video host is not working and others are asking for an alternative site, Explain that its usually fixed within an hour (anything longer we will make an announcement) and that the are free to google another source, but that is the ONLY thing that is allowed.

    6. Censorship.
    ~While the chat is rated MA, Keep in mind the MA is along the lines of whats accepted on basic TV shows. The chat can be unsuitable for anyone under age 17. The chat may also contain one or more of the following: crude indecent language, discussion of sexual situations, drugs, or mention of graphic violence. However there will still be some censorship. The following is not allowed
    1) Nudity of any kind or links to pornographic images/ sites. (this includes bodily fluids).
    2) there is still some mild word censorship, the censors are already placed please do not try to bypass the censor or you will be warned. Even tho the chat is MA please do not abuse swearing, if a staff member feels you are abusing a specific swear word you may be asked to stop, continuing could result in warning and possible ban.
    3) while sexual situations is allowed to be discussed, we do not allow discussions of rape, molestation etc of any kind.
    4) No racists, sexual or discriminatory remarks are allowed towards another user at anytime
    5) Gore of any kind is not allowed

    7. No impersonating others.
    ~Users will be immediately banned for impersonating other users by creating and/or using a account with a name clearly intended to impersonate, mock, or antagonize another user, or otherwise falsely claim to be another member.

    8. No Spoilers.
    ~This includes but is not limited to anime, manga, movies, TV shows, video games and other forums of media. While you can discuss anime, please do not mention anything that can spoil the anime for others who might not have seen it yet or is currently watching. If you would like a place where you can openly discuss an anime please feel free to check out other areas of our forum.

    9. Please do not bug the chat mods about joining staff.
    ~you are allowed to ask a staff where you can "apply" for a staff position you are interested in and they should provide you with a link to see what all positions are available, check the Job Postings section, OR you can check here for information on how to apply: http://justdubs.org/how-to-join-staff
    ~After application has been submitted, please do not further question mods about the status of your application as applications submissions are review by Sporadic and non other

    10. No Trolling
    ~Intentionally trying to get negative reactions out of people is not allowed.

    11. Language.
    ~Please speak English at all times. This chat is for an English dubbed anime website.

    12. Multiple Accounts: We do not allow the use of multiple accounts in our chat. We only allow one user name per user. If you have a user account you are currently using and would like to change it to a different account you have, please contact an admin or a mod with your new user name you plan to use, so we can update fellow staff of the changes. Please do not abuse the use of name changing and make it a daily/ weekly thing, try to stick to one account and one account only. Staff will keep track as to how often a user changes their name in a certain time frame via staff chat logs, if it becomes an regular thing or an issue, we will have to result back to only allowing user name changes for reasons of harassment etc. If you are caught using more than one account in our chat , or caught continually flipping from one account to the next, without notifying a staff member of the change, you will be warned and could result in ban if continued infractions occur.

    Note: all staff are required to follow a 3 step warning process and then report it on our site in a section specifically for staff members. Meaning you will be given 3 warnings before you are banned. There will be however situations where they don't have to use the 3 step warning before banning. Situations like posting links to porn and being asked to stop but continue to re-link the site, anything involving sexual content with children are grounds for immediate ban.

    NOTE: If you were banned and feel you were wrongfully banned you can contact the admins via PM on the chat or on the forum and they will review your case and speak with you on the matter. Admins listed above


    Terms Violations
    Messages that violate the TOS will be deleted and additional penalties may be applied at the moderator's discretion. Re-posting deleted violations (yours or those of others) is also considered a violation. Messages may be removed at any time and for any reason at the sole discretion of Just Anime Network and its designated moderators. User accounts may be warned, suspended, or permanently banned at any time and for any reason at the sole discretion of Just Anime Network and its designated moderators. All determinations of what is "acceptable" and "unacceptable" content will be determined solely by Just Anime Network. You agree that the decision of the moderators and administrators is final, and you may not legally contest their rulings.

    Intentional, repeated, or severe violations are cause for the banning of your account.

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