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Jan 9, 2019
Jun 17, 2015
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Safko was last seen:
Jan 9, 2019
    1. Ascendancy
      Lol the funny thing with the gfx section was that Green, Fireclaw, Freya and whoever else knew I was trolling even though it appeared as if I was concerned about the state of the section.
    2. Ascendancy
      Lmao I know what black friday is, but what I'm saying is £10 is free and I still wouldn't get. Do you think getting beat constantly is an enjoyable experience - I already ruined atleast 4 pads because of what you did on tekken 6
    3. Ascendancy
      My phone wylin, I posted on my own profile

      "machiavellian princess"

      you know how many infractions i was sitting on. half were from gfx section alone
    4. Ascendancy
      And it's like £10 normally wtf - what difference is black friday going to make lool. I'd rather buy something else and play on equal footing fam
    5. Ascendancy
      You were in that skype group when he told us lmao. He lived with his best friend his long-term girlfriend. His best friend moves away for work temporarily and his girlfriend "breaks up" with him shortly after. Sky is sleeping with her that same night.

      I didn't care nor it does it affect me anyway, but it would've made for elite material in a final KO post.
    6. Ascendancy
      Lmao if I'm Annalise Keating when it comes to drama, you're her assistant Bonnie Winterbottom - you were all up in that blog as well, giving me info on who to smoke. The blog thread was to do with Liari and even Green. They were complaining about the staff in their RP section, I stirred it up and said the other sections moderators are all hot trash too, just look at fireclaw. It got derailed after that
    7. Ascendancy
      Jack and his girl got passed around by the whole gang, he got so triggered when even Neo gave him that work.

      Speaking of which Neo smoked Walshy as well lmao
    8. Ascendancy
      Buy tekken 7 just so I can get smoked??? oh you wylin
    9. Ascendancy
      Lol as for Sky, he got way too comfortable with me so I put him in his place. I was going to take it one step further but then I saw his blubbering hot mess of a response and just felt bad. Him sleeping with his best friend's girlfriend typifies the scum he is.
    10. Ascendancy
    11. Ascendancy
      Lmao I'm done, but get it right pls I was using gimp. And listen don't think I forgot about that Kakashi sig you gifted me with the comic sans looking ass font. I really liked it though man, I wore it for the longest.

      Atleast you were using C4Ds, on god I was slapping on random brushes and a name. Then I was like *create thread: zyrow sig shop*
    12. Ascendancy
      Lmao we were fighting across different time zones. Next level tactics you know, swear it was Zeze posted @ the top. And loool dropping Naruto spoilers only trolling a 14 year old Safko was doing
    13. Ascendancy
      When the forums got re-worked in 2009, you weren’t there much. I'd slide into the vm when new accounts like xV popped up.

      It’s funny though, when I joined AF in 2012 the dynamic had changed completely. They saw me as some villain on there, I felt like I was corrupting you lmao – but I know you enjoyed the trolling and drama I was delivering. Even the music cover. Do you still chat to Sky
    14. Ascendancy
      Lool don’t judge me on the old forum pls, we were kids. I remember the posting competition. But we were usally posting nonsense so I didn’t really know you until the whole gfx wave. You were somewhat secretive though – you’d always answer questions with questions. Anyway with the gfx, you were good, like really good. You’d always come back with something new or different – like that pop out tag. I was fuming.
    15. Ascendancy
      I was tempted to ask for his skype a couple of times you know

      "heyy im alisa ^^"
    16. Miss Elegent Serenity
      Miss Elegent Serenity
      Wow, haven't seen this name in a while. How goes?
    17. Ascendancy
    18. Ascendancy
      Stress. but yo the old Safko had some finesse, what happened to that guy who used to do all the work for you on skype.
    19. Ascendancy
      Last season he did numbers. He asks for a new contract with more $$$ but the club president was like gtfo. Imagine when Ronaldo won best player in 2017, the president was like "neymar if you want one of these, come replace ronaldo" lmao

      and i might just give mr potato that battle. but i don't know if the graphics section is ready for this big dick energy
    20. Ascendancy
      Lool one time I was roasting a friend about something. All the jokes were connecting and I had the crowd on my side. He opens up youtube and plays pokemon intro theme in danish. Man the roasting I got that day.

      We got tings like this all over copenhagen but man that language balances it out
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