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Jan 9, 2019
Jun 17, 2015
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Safko was last seen:
Jan 9, 2019
    1. Ascendancy
      you should've let me hop on your account to check the staff section
    2. Ascendancy
      Lmao nah on a level, I actually really enjoy history. Italian Renaissance, Roman Italy, etc. But I'm indifferent to seeing/visiting historical places.

      No revision, you playing with fire. And I don't know yet. What about you
    3. Ascendancy
      Lmao nah I'mma have to decline unfortunately. No one deserves the great honour of repping AF in the winter roleplay olympics more than you.
    4. Ascendancy
      Damn 4 pm that's tuff. did you revise for it or nah
    5. Ascendancy
      Lmao you know the answer to that. That mask getting thrown away once I'm done with it
    6. Ascendancy
      yoo fam hold on, what level of roleplay bs is this snowball thread you've tagged me in. my name even getting quoted multiple times i'm shooketh
    7. Ascendancy
      Lool that period in btween exams and results is the worst man - it's hard to relax properly until you know how you did.

      enjoy your holidays though
    8. Ascendancy
    9. Ascendancy
      Damn what a shame, that one actually looks wild. I want one that's hella extra, I'm talking feathers and everything
    10. Ascendancy
      Lool gamecube you know, I'm talking about 2009 not 2003
    11. Ascendancy
      wdym? the game was online, that's how everyone were playing against each other

      and idek the game looked like hot trash. mario, pikachu and princess peach jumping around. nah b im good
    12. Ascendancy
      Lool forget about that carnival, I saw that crowd. But if they're selling those masks that's a pic right there. I have a picture in mind, I hope the weather backs case though.
    13. Ascendancy
      Ahh that's cool then, I'm definitely going to the coli
    14. Ascendancy
      Lool if I had known he was going to smoke him that badly, I would've just claimed it's me playing. That whole tech/gaming section would've been newly indoctrinated into the cult of ascendancy.

      I remember I wrote some story as well with members as characters. That's when people joined the cult in droves.
    15. Ascendancy
      My friend signs up and posts asking for the best player. Jayb gives some cocky response but they agree to play the next day. Jayb gets absolutely smoked. I only found out because Jayb came back to the thread with an essay of excuses on why he lost 7 times.
    16. Ascendancy
      On JD they had some big community for the fighting game super smash bros. A lot of the regulars were on the thread and they had some ranking in the thread. I remember the OP was the #1 and so arrogant. I believe his name was Jayb.

      I told them I can invite my friend but he's only willing to play the best player for the #1 rank.
    17. Ascendancy
      Lool yeah I'm out of names.

      My friend told me you can get tickets for the Colosseum to skip the lines. Also what's this about a carnival at Venice. Do you know when they start selling those masks
    18. Ascendancy
    19. Ascendancy
      No time to play? Damn where was he at when I needed him. I know a stack of reports for him would've been a day's work.

      I haven't seen Neo in a long while, he's working in some other city. He's doing good though.
    20. Ascendancy
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