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  1. Ascendancy
  2. Ascendancy
    Ascendancy Safko
    There are a lot of hard to play champions that are really good but require a lot of practice. On the other hand there are a lot of less flashy champions that are rly easy to play. There's a champ called Riven, she's basically straight out of Tekken. She's very mechanical but a monster.


    the double at start was instant but he did some long combo idek what
  3. Ascendancy
    Ascendancy Safko
    On the previous client, whenever you queue for ranked. You'd get priority on what role you play based on pick order.

    I'd link my stats and say give me adc. people leaving their duo partners lmao
  4. Ascendancy
    Ascendancy Safko
    Lool nah I didn't play it then, I started late 2015

    Draven is really strong early. Vayne on the other hand is a hyper carry, she's weak early but late game she's a beast. She's mechanically demanding though. At lower elos they all want to do the whole 1v5 thing, but what happens is they lose their games instead
  5. Safko
    Safko Ascendancy
    No wonder the guys at JD were blindly following you everywhere you went, they were tryna get that carry hahah
    Vayne looks pretty OP, but so do most heroes when they're played well.
    I mean T1 makes Draven look really good
  6. DemonEyesJoe
    DemonEyesJoe Kiri
    Miss ya Kiri, sad to see the AVI/Sig club died. I came back and joined the discord, you should to....if you still exist
  7. Miss Elegent Serenity
    Miss Elegent Serenity Tokyosama
    Just wanted to say excellent work on maintaining the broken anime section. I saw all the reports and you have been handling them promptly. Thank you and keep up the great work. Everyone really appreciates it :)
  8. Ascendancy
    Ascendancy Safko
    There's some guy who mains Vayne, look at the enemy team reaction on chat after he pipes them. They're all at challenger level too

    As soon as I saw those gosu clips, vayne was the only thing I'd play. As for the computer thing lool it's calm, I stopped playing years ago anyway.
  9. Ascendancy
    Ascendancy Safko
    Lool ye normals are bless, but ranked games are something else. I have these clips on hand, 1v1 outplays I linked on AF won't look nice to you



    That second clip I was calling them out all game and then they thought they caught me slipping. "enemy team has agreed to surrender" lmao. my potato team mates casually watching and running in right at the end
  10. Safko
    Safko Ascendancy
    I'm going back to school in two weeks.
    Lmk if you wanna get the hands in anything.
  11. Safko
    Safko Ascendancy
    I've heard of LoL obviously, but I'm more of a console gamer. I've heard of the stories though. Like healers would get flamed by their own team for doing their job lol
    I don't game hard enough to get a desktop or whatnot.
  12. Safko
    Safko Ascendancy
    Yeah there were floods in Venice a bit ago. I don't know the state of it currently, but you might want to doge if it's still recovering/flooding.
  13. Ascendancy
    Ascendancy Safko
    The nice thing about the game was that you can carry 1v5 through mechanics. Let me see if I still have some clips, I won't show you 1v1 outplays though
  14. Ascendancy
    Ascendancy Safko
    The tiers were bronze, silver, gold, plat, diamond, master and challenger. Everyone on AF from what I remember used to hover around bronze/silver - I dropped a couple of clips and they'd salivate. Revy always begging for boosts. I stopped playing when I got to like diamond (top 1%), after that it's too much effort. Like the difference between diamond and master is the same as bronze and plat
  15. Ascendancy
    Ascendancy Safko
    But about BM-ing by the way, the best game for that was league. I'm surprised you didn't play it, everyone on JD and AF did. Kusanagi used to talk about it on old JD, but I didn't play it then. It's 5v5 and there's a rated/ranked system. You can chat to the enemy team and roast whilst you dumpster. People are hella toxic though lmao, if you get dumpstered you will get flamed by your own team
  16. Ascendancy
    Ascendancy Safko
    I'm going in like 2 weeks time. And lol connections, man we here for a good time not a long time. I'm shook though, I been reading about some floods or something. On god I'm going to get so triggered if the weather flops.

    as for clothing i'm just going to bring a couple outfits and 2-3 pairs of shoes. black timbs and some dad sneakers, i'll see what else. maybe loafers
  17. Supernatural-Knight
    Supernatural-Knight Batosai
    According to MAL you've not watched anything in almost a year, is that correct? Not even the newest Gintama? You have to see how it ended.
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    2. Supernatural-Knight
      Haha I've got all but 1 gold near work, but all the ones near my local shops I can't be bothered. I only play when I go to work so I don't have time to fight them all down. I rely on community day raids for those ones.
      13 gold so far.
      Jan 8, 2019
    3. Batosai
      That's pretty nice. I have 15 right now and am very close to number 16.
      Jan 8, 2019
    4. Supernatural-Knight
      You definitely win there. It was a way to kill time before work, since I'm never just in the shops getting more is hard. I don't want to leave even earlier than I have to.
      But I do want more 100% mons.
      Jan 8, 2019
  18. Safko
    Safko Ascendancy
    Hahaha of course you did. Where did you end up going?
  19. Safko
    Safko Ascendancy
    Rome has it's own uniqueness, but I wouldn't take it over Milan and Venice. Milan is the goat if you've got connects and your fashion is on point.
    Florence is considered the center for culture or something, and Venice is just lit.
    Rome is really nice for like cultural vibes, but if you're trying to front for ig or snap or something go to Milan/Venice.
  20. Safko
    Safko Ascendancy
    Lmaoo, that reply where he compared the girl to the ugly step sister in Shrek has me dead.
    No chill though, those guys are so mean