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  1. Ascendancy
    Ascendancy Safko
    And lmao I'm a such sucker for a lil tropical beat. )': As soon as I heard shape of you that was it for me
  2. Ascendancy
    Ascendancy Safko
    Ye I frequent two large hip hop. Mostly for new songs, music related news, etc. Your tastes are on the opposite spectrum though. That said, I think I could have you and your whole clique talking like me and listening to the same songs in a couple days.
  3. Ascendancy
    Ascendancy Safko
    Lool Genghis was a beast. He had genius-level generals though, a personal favourite of mine was the one called Subutai. This guy took some expedition party across Europe and gave the pipe to both Hungary and Poland. Subutai was licking his lips over Rome and was looking to dick them down too but Genghis passed away. So the sons returned home with the armies to choose the next great khan.
  4. Ascendancy
    Ascendancy Safko
    Damn you saying you got an older sister?? And she grown-grown??? I'm sailing across atlantic right now. tell her a young viking is on his way and make sure you add two purple demon face emojis on that msg
  5. Safko
    Safko Ascendancy
    Do you frequent any other forums (ones that are alive anyways)?
  6. Safko
    Safko Ascendancy
    He's not bad if you're into that genre of music. The beat is a bit too tropical for my tastes.
  7. Safko
    Safko Ascendancy
    Only two. You've met Rich through GTA, but my older sister is like a full grown adult. She's been out of the house for a while now so I don't really talk about her.
  8. Safko
    Safko Ascendancy
    Yeah that guy's legit. Apparently genghis khan has more than like a million offspring or descendants or something though, which I think is crazy.
  9. Safko
    Safko Ascendancy
    You should have asked, I wouldn't have had any qualms about it.
    Lmao imagine you logging into my account and just banning everyone you didn't like then be like "peace, your problem phix"
    I'm surprised you didn't ask honestly, I was expecting it. All that power, and you didn't even want to tap into it ;p;p
  10. Ascendancy
    Ascendancy Safko
  11. Ascendancy
    Ascendancy Safko
    Ahh sounds wholesome yo. How many siblings do you have anyway
  12. Ascendancy
    Ascendancy Safko
    Yeah I get what you mean. Check this guy's titles out

    Imagine having almost half of the known world's population under your control, with an empire spanning from Greece to India. What a g
  13. Ascendancy
    Ascendancy Safko
    you should've let me hop on your account to check the staff section
  14. Safko
    Safko Ascendancy
    Um, I'm not sure. Usually my parents plan what the family does during winter break, but they haven't said anything this year so it might be a pretty laid back break I guess.
    Nothing wrong with relaxing and spending time with friends though
  15. Safko
    Safko Ascendancy
    I like history too, but not in an academic setting. Like I hate being forced to do a projects and stuff, but learning about it is awesome.
  16. Safko
    Safko Ascendancy
    Why me? You were practically a celebrity in AF, even the mods took note when you were on. =p
  17. Ascendancy
    Ascendancy Safko
    Lmao nah on a level, I actually really enjoy history. Italian Renaissance, Roman Italy, etc. But I'm indifferent to seeing/visiting historical places.

    No revision, you playing with fire. And I don't know yet. What about you
  18. Ascendancy
    Ascendancy Safko
    Lmao nah I'mma have to decline unfortunately. No one deserves the great honour of repping AF in the winter roleplay olympics more than you.
  19. Safko
    Safko Ascendancy
    Lol, typical.
    I was running on fumes, you think I wanted to revise it?
    What are your plans for break?
  20. Ascendancy
    Ascendancy Safko
    Damn 4 pm that's tuff. did you revise for it or nah