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  1. Satoko Houjou
    Satoko Houjou Batosai
    If you are, then you have been deceiving me this whole time, pretending you like him as a character........ :(
  2. Satoko Houjou
    Satoko Houjou Batosai
    I know you're there, so talk to me, please.........

    I also know you like Ace, so are you really gonna write him out on false assumption?
  3. Satoko Houjou
    Satoko Houjou Batosai
    Please contact me on discord, and we'll clear the situation up.
  4. Satoko Houjou
  5. Batosai
    Batosai Supernatural-Knight
    Don't you wanna nominate one or two characters in the Spooktober game? I feel kinda sad asking for this but i was aiming for a 32 character game and can't even get 16 anymore. Activity is crap these days. I hope i can get two more so we can start it with 16. I'm gonna submit the list to Spor because he wanted to do a bracket game if he had time for it. Like that's gonna be succesful with this activity >.>
    1. Supernatural-Knight
      I might, I couldn't think of anyone I wanted to nominate. So I might nominate some unusual candidates. Kind of like Imanity for Savetember.
      Sep 24, 2018 at 2:49 PM
    2. Batosai
      Thanks. It helps out alot.
      Sep 25, 2018 at 1:55 PM
  6. Samet Chan
  7. Princess_Shirin
    My mom decides the day before my birthday to treat me like crap. Why? WTF?
  8. Jake
    So a little about me my names is Jake, I also go by Jessicka, birth name is Jessicka. want more info just message me
  9. Russell Starner
    Russell Starner Laximus
  10. SkeLo
    SkeLo animegirl1990
    Welcome to the chaos.... please feel free to hit me up if you have any burning questions re the forums etc
  11. maghol
    anime is a life
  12. Princess_Shirin
  13. BlackHeartedRose
    I hope the rest of this week flies by.
  14. June kosuki
    June kosuki
    Inori is best girl
  15. Batosai
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    2. Batosai
      Oh i'm definitely gonna rewatch this. Something similiar might come out but nothing can be on par with Gintama.
      Aug 22, 2018
    3. Supernatural-Knight
      Oh lots will try to have its comedy, but none could possibly live up to it. I may rewatch parts of Gintama, but I doubt I'd rewatch the whole thing for a while at least. Give me a decade and maybe.
      Aug 26, 2018
    4. Batosai
      I ate at a Japanese restaurant today and told someone about an episode of Gintama and a kind of Japanese restaurant where you sit at a bar and food comes by. Now i want to rewatch that episode, it was hilarious. I hope you know which one i mean.
      Aug 26, 2018
  16. T-minus88
    dose anyone know when the download site will be back up?
    WTFBBQTIME Sporadic
    Oi, if you need an extra chat mod for the immediate future I am more or less available. My work hours are random and constantly changing, and I dont always have internet access, but if you need a hand to keep chat clear of bots/spam and the like, I could do that for a bit.
  18. Teknoman X
    Teknoman X Sporadic
    Thanks for the add.
    1. Sporadic likes this.
  19. Batosai
    Batosai Supernatural-Knight
    You might remember me saying i started reading the Uchuu Kyoudai manga. I reached the point where the anime left off today. Also watched the last episode (ep 99) again to see how it was animated. They skipped some crucial parts and rushed the series to it's ending. There's still 115 chapters left now. Enough material to get to a proper ending i think.
    1. Supernatural-Knight
      Oh you've finally reached the end of the anime. I almost can't believe that they rushed it considering how good it was. I wish it didn't end.
      So that means you think that we'll never get another season of it? How sad as I wanted to still believe we could.
      Jul 17, 2018
    2. Batosai
      The fact that the last episode aired in 2014 is enough to know there won't be another season. Atleast not from the same studio.
      Jul 18, 2018
    3. Supernatural-Knight
      I refuse to believe that. I will always keep hope alive that it can get a second season. You know like everything else that we want but never get.
      Jul 20, 2018
  20. Negi-Springfield
    Negi-Springfield Laximus
    Today is diet coke's anniversary. God why hast thou forsaken us?

    I have some drains in dire need of it.
    1. Laximus
      NOOOOOO we must enjoy this holy day of days!! Thou must avoid all drains!
      Jul 8, 2018
    2. Negi-Springfield
      I'm never going to remember to wish you a happy birthday (halpy belated birthday), but on the day Diet Coke was released, I'll remember to tell you to pour it down the drain.
      Jul 28, 2018