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New Profile Posts

  1. shedninja
    for I am the all powerful shed I live in the asylum
  2. shedninja
    shedninja Lyçandre
    I should of done this earlier but welcome to the forum
  3. AngeloDaniele
    Watching Ranma 1/2 and Yuu Yuu Hakusho
  4. shedninja
  5. Supernatural-Knight
  6. ThornPoet
    1. shedninja
      hi buddy
      Feb 14, 2020
    2. ThornPoet
      What's up?
      Feb 14, 2020
    3. shedninja
      nothing much just looking on the forum doing some cm stuff chatting on discord and my cat decided now was a good time to take a nap on my lap
      Feb 14, 2020
  7. shedninja
    shedninja marcel hassinger
    welcome to the forum
  8. shedninja
    shedninja Supernatural-Knight
    hmm ok buddy here ya go but I feel like it will just be me you and noobs
    1. Supernatural-Knight
      Thats the way its meant to be. Its why Maddy and I just insulted each other back and forth all those years ago.
      Feb 13, 2020
      shedninja likes this.
    2. shedninja
      ok I can jump on that
      Feb 13, 2020
    3. Supernatural-Knight
      It doesn't exactly bring in any new participants to the thread. But its what worked for what half a page?
      Feb 13, 2020
  9. Supernatural-Knight
    Supernatural-Knight shedninja
    Where's my profile comment?
    1. shedninja
      i put one on nigi-sprifeld
      Feb 13, 2020
    2. Supernatural-Knight
      I saw, but its meant to be on the person above. I feel so left out.
      Feb 13, 2020
  10. ThornPoet
  11. shedninja
    am I ever gona find an Avatar that I keep for longer then a month
  12. shedninja
    shedninja Zke(shon)
    welcome to the forum buddy
  13. shedninja
    shedninja Negi-Springfield
    Old asylum game giving it life
  14. Supernatural-Knight
    Supernatural-Knight Noobs
    The rules said I had to, so umm....
  15. Aioden
    Dating and playing video games.... boyfriend hates my gaming habits XD
  16. elijahcrt1234
    elijahcrt1234 Miss Elegent Serenity
    hey i joined the discord ive messaged you in general chat
  17. elijahcrt1234
    elijahcrt1234 Miss Elegent Serenity
    are yall still needing content managers csue i can provide anime for yall
    but thats about it
    1. Miss Elegent Serenity
      Miss Elegent Serenity
      Heya we can always use the help on the content team. Do you have discord by any chance? If so I can talk to you more on there and get you started :)
      Feb 4, 2020
    2. elijahcrt1234
      Yeah ill start me one
      Feb 6, 2020
  18. elijahcrt1234
    elijahcrt1234 Sporadic
    hey if yall are still needing a content manager i have some anime i can give you but i cant do anythin but that
  19. shedninja
    a dead thread a day keeps the spaming at hast
  20. shedninja
    shedninja Gene Starwind
    welcome to the forum